just had the urge to start calling things laws\ish (redefining aup ness ish) .. gathering them (alphabetically) here. even though laws.. ugh.. too much.. aka: B and b


Asher Wolf (@Asher_Wolf) tweeted at 11:25 PM – 3 May 2018 :
If you use the law as a yardstick for ethics you may come up short (

Brian “The Fixer” Horton (@ravnistic) tweeted at 11:40 PM – 3 May 2018 :
@Asher_Wolf The law is the point at which it’s morally and ethically superior within society for men with sticks to club you over the head due to your non-compliance with the law. That’s a pretty low ethical bar.
credit: @davidgraeber for the men with sticks idea.
It really stuck with me. (

[disclaimer: these are resonations .. titled from my take of hearing the words of other people.. these people may/may-not mean/agree with what i’ve written]

adichie single story law

*alvarado regeneration law

avedon truth law

*aziz let go law

*baldwin pessimist law

*bartlett expo law

*batra hide in public law

*bateson simple/complex law

*bishop freedom law

*black science of people/whales law – aka: wilde not-us law

black wildness law

*block deficiency law

*block helpful law

*block ideology law

boyle hypocrisy law

*brooks contempt law

bucky\eisenstein earn law

*burke freedom law

*cain achieve law

campos wake up law

chomsky concision law

*chomsky serious things law

costello screen\service law

*dancy advice law

dator ridiculous law

*devijver assume good law

*doctorow city as prison law

*dreyfus consciousness law

*drucker right thing law

eisenstein i know you law

*eisentein principle law

*ferraris tech law

*fromm destructiveness law

*fromm spontaneous law

fuller too much law

*gaiman read law

gaiman\degrasse whatever law

gershenfeld something else law

*godin art law

*godin might not work law

*godin stuck staring at #’s law

*graeber anarchism law

*graeber f&b same law

*graeber grant law

graeber increase b law

graeber job\less law

graeber min\max law

*graeber rethink law

graeber revolution lawgraeber model law

*graeber values law

*grammatis broken law

gray bio design law

gray play law

gray play deprived law

gray research law

gupta roadblock law

*gus already law

*gus connection law

*hardt/negri property law

*hari addiction law

*hari present in society law

*hari rat park law

*harney domination law

*higashida autism law

holacracy et al law – all ness

holmgren indigenous law

huang job security law

*joseph blame game law

*joseph reward law

kabbaj de clog law

kelly efficiency law

*kierkegaard busy ness law

*king interrelated structure law

*kownacki hear\t law

*krishnamurti free will law

*krishnamurti how law

*krishnamurti measure law

*krishnamurti organization law

*krishnamurti partial law

*krishnamurti relationship law

*krishnamurti sorrow law

*landale limitation law

*langer notice law

*langer outcome law

lanier beyond words law

laurie never ready law

*lennon imagine law

*lessig impossible law

*like love let go law

*longden oppress law

*make friends law

marlinspike less observed law

*marsh exchange law

*marsh label law

*marsh oppression law

martin be bold law

*maté acting out law

*maté basic needs law

*maté not yet scrambled law

*maté trauma law

maté trump law

*meadows undisturbed law

miller extreme focus law

millman never nothing law

*minimalist id law

*mona lisa smile compare law

*moten abolition law

moore laughable\irrelevant law

*mufleh humanity law

*noor peace law

*norton productivity law

*ono change law

*page intention/action law

*papert ed system law

*pascal quiet law

*rheingold (mom) art law

*rowson mechanical law

*roy voiceless law

*rumi words law

rushkoff job law

rushkoff os law

shaw communication law

shirky transaction law

siddiqi border law

siemans glue law

sinclair perpetuation law

snowden private in public law

socrates supposed to law

*swartz most important law

swartz small talk law

*taleb antifragile law

thurman alive law

*thurman interconnectedness law

*thurman nourishment law

truman credit law

verifiability law

*weinberger too big misc law

wilde not-us law – aka: black science of people law

*wilde unpractical law

*wiley policy law

*williams love law

*yeampierre resilience law

*zinn energy law

* one’s i haven’t hard copied yet