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Neil‘s response when asked by pentagon how tech could improve defense/safety):

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something else to do – the best protection/benefit/betterness.. for the entire world.. is for each person to be/become themselves.. perhaps because it’s then we become .. unoffendable

perhaps we’re clinging to privacy/protection/security/defense et al.. when our protection lies in the seeming chaos.. the order we don’t yet get because it is us emerging.. perhaps we spend our energy\ness …. listening for that…?

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entropy as protection lucid

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huge to this: fromm destructiveness law


from Erich Fromm‘s escape from freedom:


the new security is dynamic; it is not based on protection, but on man’s spontaneous activity.. it is the security acquired each moment by man’s spontaneous activity. it is the security that only freedom can give, that needs no illusions because it has eliminated those conditions that necessitate illusions.. 

security ness.. and again.. why gershenfeld sel would work