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If people are doing/being things that don’t matter to them, there’s little sustainability/thrivability/betterness. What you do and who you are needs to matter to you. Perhaps what matters most is figuring out what matters most. People need time and space to do/be that.

We’re experimenting with the intersection of city and school. Seeking to scale each individual by crowdsourcing their curiosities for gatherings/connections that matter to them. To ground that inevitable chaos we’re crafting a match dot com (meet up) type app, to listen to curiosity.

Perhaps what has not yet been experimented with: 1/ a city-wide experiment, to provide an ecosystem of eclectic people/resources; AND 2/ an as-the-day experiment, rather than adding something on after hours (after school/work).
Perhaps redefining school in this manner (aka: revolution of everyday life for all of us) could be the root of all problems/solutions/life.
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