harney domination law

the uni ..  a place where domination is reproduced..

from july 2015 – UNIKE Project: Keynote speech by Professor Stefano Harney


but i wanted to actually focus on that other aspect of the uni.. that maybe is slightly less fashionable.. and that’s its role in domination.. t.. a short quote from althusser.. he’s talking about schools and he says:


what everybody also knows however.. that is what nobody cares to know..  is that alongside these techniques..  reading/writing/arithmetic.. and this learning.. elements of scientific and literary culture that function as know how.. alongside but also in the process of acquiring these techniques and this learning.. people also learn in school the rules.. good behavior.. that is.. propriety (the state or quality of conforming to conventionally accepted standards of behavior or morals) this to be observed by every agent in the division of labor.. depending on the posts he is destined to hold.. these are rules of professional ethics/conscious.. that is .. to put it plainly.. rules of respect for the social/technical division of labor.. and in the final analysis.. the rule of order established by class domination.. people also learn to speak proper french at school.. to write properly.. which is in fact means.. for future capitalists and their underlings.. to order workers around properly.. which in fact means.. the ideal case.. to talk properly to them .. so as to intimidate them or cajole them .. in short.. to con them.. the literary curriculum in secondary and higher ed served that end among others .. to put this in more scientific terms.. we shall say that the reproduction of labor power requires not only the qualifications be reproduced.. but the submissions to the rules of respect for the established order be reproduced at the same time..  this means for the workers.. reproduction of labor powered submission to dominate ideology.. and for the agents of exploitation and repression reproduction of its capacity to handle the dominate ideology properly .. so as to ensure the domination of the dominate class verbally..

24 min – so .. with that in mind.. that the uni .. in addition to being something that’s been nicely covered at moments.. a place of class struggle.. a place where a lot of labor happens.. it is also.. remains.. *a place where domination is reproduced.. and it’s interesting to think about what domination might look like for logistical capitalism.. and i’ve been trying to think about this w/in the context of my own uni.. singapore management uni.. which is in a sense quite a technical uni.. very concerned w business/law/accounting/econ/etc


domination – the exercise of control or influence over someone or something, or the state of being so controlled.


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