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from his ted2013:

15 min in – even if you think this is impossible…

my  yr old son, a dr telling me he has terminal brain cancer & there’s nothing we can do. so .. would i do nothing..? of course not… i would do everything i could, because this is what love means. you do whatever you can.. the odds be damned. impossible is irrelevant.

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a nother way


Jonas Kaplan (@Jonas_Kaplan) tweeted at 9:31 PM – 17 Jan 2019 :
The “Another Way” podcast by @lessig is an important listen. Fixing our democracy should be top priority. https://t.co/b1BkI2PEJf(http://twitter.com/Jonas_Kaplan/status/1086118977334431744?s=17)
from episode 2
‘what’s nuts is doing the *same thing and imagining something different’ @lessig
*ie: representatives; voting; elections
let’s try cure ios city
a nother way
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impossible is irrelevant


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