mumford non-specialized law

he had a far richer biological equipment ..a body not specialized for any single activity, and a brain capable of scanning a wider environ and holding all the diff parts of his experience together

___________ from Lewis Mumford’s myth of the machine: (v 1):
6 no single trait.. not even tool making.. is sufficient to id man.. what is specially and uniquely human is man’s capacity to combine a wide variety of animal propensities into an emergent cultural entity: a human personality.
early man had a much more important asset that extended his whole technical horizon: he had a far richer biological equipment than any other animal, a body not specialized for any single activity, and a brain capable of scanning a wider environ and holding all the diff parts of his experience together.. t.. precisely because of his extraordinary plasticity and sensitivity, he was able to use a large portion of both his external environ and his internal, psychosomatic resources..
antifragility ___________ specialized: requiring or involving detailed and specific knowledge or training no train.. no prep __________ from Erich Fromm‘s the sane society:
122 the principle of monotheism, in contrast, is that man is infinite, that there is no partial quality in him which can be hypostatized into the world..  god, in the monotheistic concept, is unrecognizable and indefinable; god is not a ‘thing’.. if man is created in the likeness of god, he is created as the bearer of infinite qualities.. in idolatry man bows down and submits to the projection of one partial quality in himself.. he does not experience himself as the center from which living acts of love and reason radiate.. he becomes a thing, his neighbor becomes a thing, just as his gods are things.
___________ jack of all trades ness.. master of none.. often times better than master of one expertise.. intellect ness.. et al ____________
62 less obvious is the impact produced by industrial growth.. this impact is not always technological; it is more than the sub of machines for human labor.. one of the most effective means of increasing output in fact has been the continual reorg of the labor process..extending and sophisticating the division of labor.. ironically, the steady breakdown of tasks to ever more inhuman dimensions.. to an intolerably minutiae, fragmented series of operations and to a cruel simplification.. t of the work process.. suggests the machine that will recombine all the separate tasks of many workers into a single mechanized operation .. .. how mechanized mass manufacture emerged.. where an independent.. highly skilled worker engages in many diverse operations.. thru the purgatory of the factory.. where these diverse tasks are parceled out among a multitude of unskilled or semiskilled employees.. to the highly mechanized mill.. were tasks of many are largely taken over by machines.. and finally to the automated/cybernated plant.. where operative are replaced by supervisory technicians and highly skilled maintenance men
mumford non-specialized law et al
65 there is practically no industry that cannot be fully automated if we are willing to redesign the product, the plant, the manufacturing procedures and the handling methods..
so.. wilde not-us law et al
if it’s true society gauged by way it treats women.. its sensitivity to human suffering can be gauged by working conditions provides for people in raw material industries, particularly in mines and quarries.. in ancient world.. mining was often a form of penal servitude.. reserved for most hardened criminals and most intractable slaves.. and the most hated prisoners of wars.. the mine is the day to day actualization of man’s image of hell.. it is *a deadening, dismal, inorganic world that demands pure mindless toil.. mumford from technics and civilization: ‘field and forest and stream and ocean are the environ of life: the mine is the environ alone of ores, minerals, metals.. in hacking and digging the contents of the earth.. the miner has **no eye for the forms of things.. what he sees is sheer matter and until he gets to this vein it is only an obstacle which he breaks thru stubbornly and sends up to the surface.. if the miner sees shapes on the walls of the cavern.. as the candle flickers.. they are only the monstrous distortions of his pick or his arm: ***shapes of fear.. day has been abolished and the ****rhythm of nature broken: continuous day and night production first came into existence here.. the miner must work by artificial light even thought the sun be shining outside; still further down in the seams, *****he must work by artificial ventilation too: a triumph of the ‘manufactured environ’..
*sea world abounds.. killing us softly w its song.. **black science of people/whales law .. we have no idea ***structural violence et al ****mumford non-specialized law et al *****no graeber unpredictability/surprise law.. no fromm spontaneous law.. even though kropotkin dirty jobs law et al..
66 easy to foresee a time.. when rationally org’d econ could auto manufacture small ‘packaged’ factories w/o human labor.. such a tech .. *oriented entirely toward human needs and **freed from all consideration of profit and loss, would eliminate the pain of want and toil.. the penalty, inflicted in the form of denial, suffering an inhumanity, exacted by a society based on scarcity and labor
yeah that.. ie: *org around legit needs sans **any form of m\a\p .. if only.. ie: tech as it could be.. but.. mufleh humanity lawwe have seen advances in every aspect of our lives except our humanity– Luma Mufleh ____________ the it is me fromm spontaneous law graeber unpredictability/surprise law discrimination as equity embodiment ness ___________ laws\ish