burke freedom law

none of us are free

so none of us are free

so things aren’t *pinker better..like Tim saying the web won’t work unless the whole world is on it.. in fact worse if things seem better (in your bubble/stats/numbers/whatever) because then we think we can quit working toward equity

*pinker‘s violence has declined.. has it.. or has it just become more civilized.. ie: via suicide

Joey Ayoub (@joeyayoub) tweeted at 4:51 AM – 23 Mar 2017 : I genuinely don’t understand what people talk about when they say ‘our way of life’ when I see so many homeless people in London. (http://twitter.com/joeyayoub/status/844864172756119557?s=17)

Ben Goertzel (@bengoertzel) tweeted at 4:33 AM – 3 Apr 2017 :

The ridiculous nasty mess of the US “suspected illegal immigrant prison system”, https://t.co/PdBAS99SrU(http://twitter.com/bengoertzel/status/848845864713895937?s=17)

free\dom ness

i can never be mlk long

we need the energy of all of us ( everyone) .. as one..

zinn quote on people energy

because we’re already interconnected..

interconnect thurman

fitting w post on silicon valley going to elongate life while people around them are dying today.. which is fractal of all of us..

interconnectedness ness makes us non binary able.. already are one.. just need to set that  (all of us) free


bishop freedom law

king interrelated structure law