batra hide in public law

how do i hide batra hide _______ how do i hide: brown belonging lawthe opposite of belonging.. is fitting in.. true belonging doesn’t require you to change who you are.. it requires you to be who you are.. and that’s vulnerable.. –Brené Brown and still be out there: thurman interconnectedness lawwhen you understand interconnectedness it makes you more afraid of hating than of dying – Robert Thurman pearson unconditional law: what is it about loving each other unconditionally that scares us so much – come sunday (pearson) rp ness et al.. apt art et al ________ Ritesh Batra‘s question.. rather than law.. law comes from ie:

snowden private in public law

ps in the open

idiosyncratic jargon as encryption

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a nother way _______ from audre lorde

we fear the visibility without which we cannot truly live…

And that visibility which makes us most vulnerable is that which also is the source of our greatest strength.
______ Bo Burnham talks a lot of this in this interview: happy a lot of people don’t know who i am
I know very little about anything, but what I do know is that if you can live your life without an audience, you should do it. that’s very, very ideal. Yeah, I can be in the world and the vast majority of people have no idea who I am.
________ hard to find/be that person(s) who can share a space w/o observing/judging ness _______
I am transported outside my ordinary self and into the world as it could be when no one watches.
________ whispering in the dark:
We have all the liberating benefits of being alone – but we are also with another person. Nothing significant is being discussed but something significant is happening.
________ Georgia O’Keeffe via Maria:
I can never show what I am working on without being stopped—whether it is liked or disliked I am affected in the same way—sort of paralyzed
_______ from David Whyte‘s consolations:


114 what is precious inside us does not care to be known by the mind in ways that diminish its presence
batra hide in public law
hiding is an act of freedom from the misunderstanding of others, esp in the enclosing world of oppressive secret govt and private entities, attempting to name/anticipate us.. to leave us w no place to hide and grow in ways unmanaged by a creeping necessity for absolute naming/tracking/control..

hiding is a bid for independence, from others, from mistaken ideas we have about ourselves, from an oppressive and mistaken wish to keep us completely safe, completely ministered to, and therefore completely managed..

indeed.. huge..
hiding is created, necessary and beautifully subversive of outside interference and control.. hiding leaves life to itself, to become more of itself. hiding is the radical independence necessary for our emergence (into the light of a *proper human future)
which he’d quite referring to life as *proper and appropriate et al _________ wish to fade
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links to art piece of a face/flower titled: This flower wishes to fade, 1939 #paulklee batra hide in public law et al _________ adding this while reading david graeber‘s david on value:
10 The experiment is usually invoked as a demonstration of the dangers of authoritarian behavior, but one could argue that what’s really striking about it is the fact that the participants knew that the scenario was imaginary. They were perfectly well aware that they were not in fact guards or prisoners but students doing an experiment, yet it quickly turned into a kind of game (one side trying to escape and the others trying to stop them), and once it had, none of that came to matter any more.. t
not only.. if in lab (sea world) non legit.. but if (observed) data .. non legit.. because dead

to me this observed ness is huge

it changes us.. because (am guessing/hoping/*having-seen not true if legit free) until we are all legit free.. observing=judging which leaves us all not-us *we had to go to extremes in lab.. so people would not feel ‘observed’.. which translated/key to ‘judged’.. which then they fell back on supposed to’s (aka: other people) i think this is what batra hide in public law is about.. to me.. since we’re all intoxicated.. am thinking we need tech w/o judgment to help re\set.. to start non hierarchically listening for us our findings (from that space of unobserve/nonjudgement ness): 1\ undisturbed ecosystem (common\ing) can happen 2\ if we create a way to ground the chaos of 8b legit free people _________ _________ ________ ______ nothing hidden et al ________ _______ laws\ish ________