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37 min – on trustful parenting..  superstars of trustful parenting are hunter gatherers..  found.. children by age of 4 are allowed to run with other children away from adults… places where might be deadly animals..  belief is.. children have common sense.. hanging around with older kids.. i’ve seen footage of 2 yr olds playing with fire.. et al..  i asked why: 1\ what right would i have telling them not to  2\ yeah.. might get hurt.. but not seriously.. that’s how they learn..  the poison darts kept way up high in tree..

40 min – these are not negligent parents.. just have diff view of what children’s capacities are.. and what is a serious risk and what isn’t.. better to let kids play.. and learn..

41 min – in our culture.. everything is a huge risk.. so we deprive kids of all activities that aren’t highly supervised.. need another way of risk assessment..

actual chances are small.. it’s real.. but tiny.. and look at.. ie: roof could fall at home.. risk of driving in car.. everything entails risk..

42 min- what’s the risk of depriving  your child of having adventures.. and feeling like they’re capable of doing things..

when we deprive children of those opps.. when grow up and face w real emergency/problem.. they panic.. haven’t developed capacity to handle fearful situations thru natural.. relatively safe play growing up..

49 min – age mixing play a huge role in all types of therapy for teenagers.. ie: best therapy for cynical teenager – 4 yr old..

and wouldn’t create many/most problems in first place.. maté trump law

again .. all ages.. ie: 60 yr old

in the city.. as the day..


school system as major reason for play deprivation.. begs systemic change:

Why education reform must happen outside the school system:
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(1) Children’s instincts to play and explore on their own provided the foundation for education during our long history as hunter-gatherers (8.2.08 posting).

(2) Children today can and do educate themselves very well, without coercion or adult prodding or direction, if they are provided with an environment that supports their instincts to play and explore (8.13.08 posting).

(3) Conventional schools are what they are today because of historical circumstances that led people to devalue play, believe that children’s willfulness must be broken, and believe that everything useful, including learning, requires toil  (8.20.08 posting).

Why is it so difficult to reverse this trend? Why is it so difficult to institute fundamental changes within the school system?

why change outside school system (notes from rest of Peter‘s post)


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