graeber f & b same law

24 min – david: i finally came to the conclusion that financialization and bureaucratization are the same thing..  ie: the govt is the bank..

25 min – david: this B creating jobs telling you that value comes from paperwork rather than from anything anyone actually does..

26 min – david: increasingly more time assessing what it is you’re doing than doing it.. all forms of paperwork.. value thru paperwork.. and finance is just the peak of it.. people w most elab paperwork… how do we just get rid of these

27 min – david: every single time .. try to get rid of red tape, B, et al.. you end up with more regulation.. more paperwork.. and more bureaucrats.. ie: 25% more bureaucrats in russia right now then there were under soviet union… so that’s what liberal reforms always do… so what would be a left wing position that would be anti bureaucratic.. we need to grab this.. answer is pretty obvious.. fire all those guys and give everyone same amt of money

via rt by David (36 min video/panel from 2015 – with Brian Eno

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Basic Income: How do we get there? Brian Eno, David Graeber and Frances Coppola


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f & b & dm same law

fuller too much law

earn a living.. making up money.. bullshit jobs..

B b

a nother way

literacy and numeracy both elements of colonialism.. we need to calculate differently and stop measuring things..(like saying f (num) and b (lit) the same)