godin stuck staring at #’s law

and most of all, staring at the numbers—it’s just for show, a cultural tradition.

when the world changes, we’re stuck staring at the numbers going by, unable to find the insight to push a new kind of button.



Seth Godin

measuring things

of math and men

oh my math

too much.. bullshit.. ness

making up money

Heather Marsh‘s people weighed and measured

inspectors of inspectors ness


few ie tweets same time


We are beginning to see a trend, the growth of investors coming into Africa. It can only get better. @OmidyarNetwork


A Quiet Revolution goo.gl/fb/RBiL8P via @edtechdigest

Frontiers (@FrontiersIn) tweeted at 5:10 AM – 22 Jun 2017 :

New research suggests lack of ‘editing’ in brain molecules potential driver of cancer https://t.co/agCo8NzEaH #Neuroscience #Oncology https://t.co/HcnXiI7bIN (http://twitter.com/FrontiersIn/status/877846149734043648?s=17)