devijver assume good law

we’re all different yet we all desire good.. i can hear him saying.. so..

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devijver’s (3rd of 3 human universals) .. assume good..



adding page this day.. or day after.. listening to Charity Wayua:

when we dug deeper, we didn’t find corruption in the classic sense: slimy gangsters lurking in the darkness, waiting to grease the palms of their friends.

What we found was an overwhelming sense of helplessness. Our government was sick, because government employees felt helpless.

They felt that they were not empowered to drive change. And when people feel stuck and helpless, they stop seeing their role in a bigger system. They start to think the work they do doesn’t matter in driving change. And when that happens, things slow down, fall through the cracks and inefficiencies flourish.

Now imagine with me, if you had a process you had to go through — had no other alternative — and this process was inefficient, complex and very, very slow. What would you do? I think you might start by trying to find somebody to outsource it to, so that they can just take care of that for you. If that doesn’t work, maybe you’d consider paying somebody to just “unofficially” take care of it on your behalf —especially if you thought nobody was going to catch you.

Not out of malice or greed, just trying to make sure that you get something to work for you so you can move on. Unfortunately, that is the beginning of corruption. And if left to thrive and grow, it seeps into the whole system, and before you know it, the whole body is sick.


AJ+ (@ajplus) tweeted at 3:38 AM – 16 Aug 2017 :

Barack Obama’s tweet condemning racism after the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville has become the most liked tweet ever. (

most liked tweet ever.. people want to assume good



Wonderful read on mortality and love

people near death, but also their caregivers. They found a depth of love within themselves that they didn’t know they had access to. They discovered a profound trust in the universe and the reliable goodness of humanity that never abandoned them


Najwa Zebian (@najwazebian) tweeted at 7:22 PM – 4 Aug 2017 :

Never wish them pain. That’s not who you are. If they caused you pain, they must have pain inside. Wish them healing. That’s what they need. (


june 2019 – Are People Doing The Best They Can?” | Brené Brown & Russell Brand

7 min clip


brené brown’s husband at 7 min (@stevesalley): i don’t know if people are doing the best they can but my life is better when i assume that they are


single story

i know you

trust – every actor has a reason

www – all of us – can’t be partial

can’t be earned

a nother way


loveno fear

from destructiveness law

bateson simple/complex law

doctorow city as prison law

gaga kindness\hatred law