gupta roadblock law

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gupta roadblock law: it’s not hard to assess whether what you are doing matters.. it is hard to choose to make that assessment and to disengage with what is irrelevant – Vinay Gupta


imagining the possibilities/world.. if we disengage from ie: money, contracts, consensus, all sorts of B, war, compulsion, proof, competitioncontrol, order, earning a livingfearshamepluralistic ignorance,  ….

letting go of the things we have to cling to..  (disengage) perhaps giving us energy enough.


Vinay Gupta

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wake up ness.

pluralistic ignorance ness.

a nother way.

yaneer on complexity


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surrender. there is no plan.

pay attention to that.

whimsy matters. a nother way. for all of us.

systemic change

for (blank)’s sake

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via Monica fb share:

This book cut through a lot of misconceptions I held about AI. It was hard to switch to the Holistic view after having used Reductionist AI successfully in the industry for a decade. But I just didn’t see a way to get to Understanding by using Models. It was the right decision.

Two quotes from Amazon’s blurb on the book:

“Finally, a book that really does explain consciousness.”

I don’t think this book makes a dent in that debate. Nothing does.

“Although we are unaware of it, our brains sift through and discard billions of pieces of data in order to allow us to understand the world around us. In fact, most of what we call thought is actually the unconscious discarding of information”

In two sentences they summarize my research: That Understanding is the result of discarding the irrelevant at multiple levels of abstraction. But this is of course not a coincidence, since this book was one of the main inspirations for my research.

gupta roadblock law

This then led to my Organic Learning algorithm, which is built on these principles.

book: the user illusion (1999)