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graeber job\less law: ‘if there’s ever a sign that a society is designed stupidly.. it’s that the prospect of manual labor being eliminated isa problem. if we don’t know what to do with freedom and liberty.. that’s pretty messed up‘ – david graeber


David Graeber on the Value of Work – oct 2016

what is valuable about work

20-30% sitting there everyday thinking.. i’m not actually doing anything i hope nobody figures it out.. what does that do to the collective soul

how can you have dignity in labor

our ideology of work.. 19th cent – labor theory of value.. factory work as primary.. people believed it.. but very flawed.. kind of easy to attack.. to counter offensive in 20th cent.. how to validate work.. puritan idea.. work is valuable in itself.. if not working at something you like.. bad character.. anything that made work fulfilling undercut discipline of work.. led to.. feeling didn’t need to ie: pay artists

only way to shift.. ask.. what is value in labor

3 min – during occupy wall street – web page.. we are the 99%… all had same complaint.. i want to do a job where i actually care for people and benefit them in some way.. but if i do that pay so little in such debt can’t take care of own family

i think we are at brink of reformulation what work is and what is valuable about it that could really lead to a reformulation of how we org everything.. what we think production is.. production is ultimately the production of people.. production of commodities is a secondary moment which enables us to produce people that we’d like to have around.. that’s what life is really about

fashioning of people – interpretive labor


kropotkin dirty jobs law





perhaps what we mean by manual labor and/or jobs matters. if we mean doing something we can’t not do.. something we love.. something that’s us.. that won’t go away. that’s art. if we mean (as most of us tend to) doing something we get paid to do.. what’s more in question is money/debt et al. so what if money becomes irrelevant. allowing supposed to’s to become irrelevant. et al. huge et al. no? science of people ness. we have no idea..

huge swaths of people graeber

in dire need of detox.. no?

one thing not scarce

here’s to the graeber min\max law.. and finding our energy.. finding us…

zinn quote on people energy


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Neither, this view suggests, are we helped by the argument that more humane workplaces will make us more productive. That subtly reinforces the already totemic notion that being productive is the purpose of being human, ..



Would a work-free world be so bad?…@TheAtlantic


the workplace is killing people and nobody cares


bullshit jobs

work – solving other people’s problems


earn a living

bucky\eisenstein earn law

rushkoff job law

radical econ

work ethic

money less ness

rev in reverse

interpretive labor

et al

a nother way

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WE ALREADY HAVE the capacity to provide the basic needs of everyone on the planet with relatively little human labor. Most work that people do today is unnecessary. If we could solve the economic problem of how to distribute resources through means not involving long hours of useless work, what would life be like? Here’s my view on it, as I expressed it in an interview on the David Pakman show:

natural for human beings to want to do interesting things.. and if we had the time to do it..


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Negative externalities of business- extend far beyond environmental. “I didn’t think the workplace would be the fifth leading cause of death in the United States. And, by the way, when I talk to HR people, they say the numbers we have are certainly wrong: They are too low.” (


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Out-of-work US men are unhappier than men almost anywhere else #mentalhealth #work (

schooling the world ness on ie: supposed to’s.. of school/work


A sane society should be celebrating the end of menial labor.
Time for a paradigm shift. #BasicIncome
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How Your Job Shapes Your Identity: “Keeping in mind how work shapes a person means we should be slower to blame other people for the way they are. It’s the employment environment we should blame, not them.”
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