sinclair perpetuation law

upton sinclair get a man


sinclair perpetuation law: it’s difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on his not understanding it – upton sinclair


so much wondering …

about how many (well-intentioned, good-hearted, in service of others) people aren’t imagining a day when what they do.. becomes irrelevant. and so by that..

they/we perpetuate..

the disease (or whatever) that our life’s mission is all about curing.

ie: in love w the job.. the feeling of helping.. so much that you can’t see a time when you no longer have that job/helping role.


from Lewis Mumford’s myth of machine:


the more power entrusted to organization man, the fewer qualms he has against using it..t

sinclair perpetuation law


from Peter Moskowitz‘s case against free speech:


so why does the myth of free speech persist? for the same reason americans perpetuate the myth that we’ve moved beyond racism, or the myth that our econ is in better shape than ever before: those who benefit from these myths have a vested interest in making sure we still believe them..


How Your Job Shapes Your Identity: “Keeping in mind how work shapes a person means we should be slower to blame other people for the way they are. It’s the employment environment we should blame, not them.”
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