rowson mechanical law

the language of fixing is not helpful here.. because it’s not a mechanical problem.. – Jonathan Rowson


from convo w Jordan and Jonathan here:


28 min – you cannot fix a complex system unless you understand it..

(jonathan): the language of fixing is not helpful here.. because it’s not a mechanical problem..t

29 min – it’s compassion masking uselessness most of the time


Jonathan Rowson

a deeper/human problem

Johann Hari: you are not a machine w broken parts.. you are a human w unmet needs.. ie: maté basic needs

kelly efficiency law et al

from Krishnamurti‘s total freedom


the moment thought interferes w that thing called joy, which is uninvited, it becomes pleasure. therefore, it becomes mechanistic..

rowson mechanical law

mufleh humanity law

chomsky serious law

so that is our life, a way of living, that is constantly repetitive, constantly going over something that was, that is already dead,


out of the desire to find out what silence is, people begin to invent systems, methods, ways to come upon that.. now if once you understand this you will never touch any system: because what is implied in a system and a practice? repetition, practice, practice,, control, make an effort, which is, become mechanical..

as we have said part of our brain has become mechanical.. we said thought in its essence is mechanical, because thought is the repetition or the reaction of memory..  and when you already live a life that is  mechanical and try to go beyond that mechanical life by introducing another mechanical process, , which is systems, methods, practices, you are still mechanical.. so when once you see the truth of this, the logic, the reason of this, you will never touch systems, methods, practices.. anything that is contrived, put together by thought – however beautiful , however logical, however ancient, traditional makes the mind more mechanical and eventually dull. the very seeing of the truth of that ends the demand for systems, methods.