graeber min\max law

to min and max david graeber


graeber min\max law: to max unexpected breakthroughs.. get a bunch of people give them resources they need.. leave them alone; to min unexpected breakthroughs.. take same people tell them they won’t get any resources unless they spend the majority of their time competing to prove they already know what they’re going to create.. one thing not scarce in world.. is imaginative people w possible solutions to intractable problems.. david graeber


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graeber grant law

graeber bi law

panhandle\ing ness


Vinay also does the min\max scenario well in june 2015 wales talk – the part about vc% vs whimsy %.

27 min – venture capital ransom ness (ie: ability for vc’s to pick is extremely low) not effected by crowd doing the work… ie: we’re already shoveling money into a furnace.. i think we should let more people shove more money into the furnace..

30 min – solution is tons and tons of experimenters… and only block to that .. funding and regulation…

indeed.. 7 billion doing their thing.. but perhaps .. not getting money to each other.. but using self-talk to get people to each other.. no?

31 min – on getting away from policing.. on the agreement that no one can make good decisions… so, ie: not a loss at letting everyone decide.. (paraphrase)… i think we’ll discover that equity crowdfunding and vc funding would get the same return…

33 min – if we don’t have a metric for equity crowdfunding.. going to be hard to sell it’s (the same)..

but again – what if that’s (money) the institution/tech that is getting in the way.. yes.. use blockchain/hypertext ness.. but not for distributing/measuring moneys…

36 min – on our inborn love for new tech that is useful…

37 min – the people want flying cars.. the problem is the flying car guy needs to go get funds to start.. regulation/B in the way… we need recreational/tech investment.. to deliver us this flying car utopia that we’re all entitled to… wildly exuberant crowd funding.. blockchain

38 min – ethereum is not equity crowdfund… but the next round of it .. could be

41 min – suggesting … tons of money if we get equity crowdfunding to support ie: tinkerers..

42 min – responsibly managing investment is not a way to get where we want to go… to get real progress.. – (again – graeber’s quote above…) – basically only means we have for solving problems we have… ie: govts too small minded to face big/systemic problems we have.. just can’t talk about stuff like that and get elected..

44 min – reference of red cross.. 6 houses for haiti… with so much money

45 min – blockchain as vehicle to blow innovation up at a local level

46 min – ie: what would have happened if we would have equity crowdfunded fb

47 min – left: people who work should own; right: people who own should own….post-industrial society finds no meaning in that…

49 min – now – only very rich get access… future – equitable access. very important to not sell this inside a left/right mindset… it makes sense from both left and right.. but doesn’t make sense in authoritarian..

50 min – strategy that makes sense along a political axis that has not yet been defined, ie: post-industrial.. makes sense in both left/right mindset ..but not in authoritarian-


whoa.. ironic that this comes from unreasonable institute.. no?