kabbaj de clog law

from Wanis Kabbaj‘s ted@ups – for de clog solution: look inside (trust self org)

isn’t it absurd that we created cars that can reach 130 mph and we now drive them at same speed as 19th cent horse carriages..

in u.s. alone we spent 29.6 billion hours commuting in 2014.. a monumental waste of time/energy/human potential

our city’s vascular system is getting clogged/sick ..and we should pay attention.. our current way of thinking is not working.. for our transportation to flow we need a new source of inspiration..

so what if the solution to our traffic challenges.. was inside us

why is it that blood flows in our veins most of lives when big cities get clogged on a daily basis.. reality is you’re looking at two very diff networks. ..

each of us has 60,000 miles of blood vessels in bodies..that’s 2.5x earth’s circumf.. inside you..

blood vessels are everywhere inside us,not just under the surface of our skin.

h    u    g    e

red blood cells are not flowing in lanes..never stop at red lights..

in 1st driverless cities..would have no red lights/lanes..when all cars are driverless/connected..everything is predictable and reaction time.. min..  can drive much faster and can take any rational initiative that can speed them up or the cars around them..

engine – as – 7 billion whimsies.. everyday..

look inside.. and trust self-org 

instead of rigid traffic rules.. flow will be regulated by a mesh of dynamic and constantly self-improving algos..

well – if ie: hosting-life-bits via self-talk as data.. facil ing us to each other.. everyday.. as the day..

result: a strange traffic that mixes fast/smooth rigor of german autobahns & creative vitality of intersections of mumbai

liquid like our blood


Wanis Kabbaj

too much

deep enough

new people ness

American society is becoming  far adrift without an anchor in this modern ocean. And every month we collectively become more and more lost. (clogged)