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jaron on words


Jaron Lanier

no words


perhaps no words because we allow all the words and every other means.. ie: the limit of idiosyncratic jargon ness… realizing.. communication never finished ness

mech/tech as it could be

often words are no words. meaning: they don’t mean what the heart means. trying so hard.. to listen to/for that..

quiet enough ness

never nothing going on

what is legible ness.. who decides

not yet scrambled.. and Giulia‘s gut/sensory ness..


Benjamin Doxtdator (@doxtdatorb) tweeted at 2:55 AM – 21 Nov 2017 :

A hauntingly powerful piece by @DingleTeach
Mangy ‘gifts of knowing’ and wanting to be known.

“I need to bond with fellow educators to do this work. But I am not known by many. But it is what I need most.” (

Then, there would be no need for explanation.

known by someone.. invited to exist

maté basic needs.. beyond words


Soul Biographies (@nicaskew) tweeted at 9:53 PM on Thu, Dec 14, 2017:
A Place Beyond Description

You and me
the silence.

So as not to
shatter it
with words
that never

For it’s
that we can
finally meet.

In a place


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4/ a worthwhile thought experiment is to spend time imagining how phenomenologically different our (social) experience would be in the absence of language

language overlays a new dimension of perception and connection atop everything, making the highly improbable, commonplace

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