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1\ every case of addiction originates in trauma

2\ trauma is the disconnection.. the essence of trauma is disconnection from *self/others


gabor on childhood trauma

gabor on addiction/trauma/needs

wisdom of trauma (doc)


trauma law ..

1\ via Gabor Maté from nov 2017 interview on realm o h g.. at genius network


17 min –

every case of addiction originates in trauma



51 min

2 kinds of trauma.. 1\ overt – (something bad happens ie: abuse) and 2\ developmental (something good that should have happened doesn’t ie: connection).. and trauma again: separates ourselves.. we lose ourselves.. also gives us a very negative view of the world.

other places he also says.. every case of ie: disease/cancer.. which.. i’m just calling addiction as well.. at least a symptom of our addictions..

35 min

accept people as they are.. not judge them.. understand they are slaves to something inside them.. something happened to create that compulsions.. and that something that happened was rooted in pain..

have to get to the core trauma..

healing (roots of) – maté basic needs law

rarely today do we deal w the trauma.. the medical profession is traumaphoic

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why are so many adults haunted by trauma (interview from june 2017)

The essence of trauma is disconnection from ourselves. Trauma is not terrible things that happen from the other side—those are traumatic. But the trauma is that very separation from the body and emotions.

So, the real question is, ..

“How did we get separated and how do we reconnect?”

let’s try a nother way via 2 convos


2\ from Human Pain and Healing – Gabor Maté Interview

23 min – human beings are ultimately creatures of connection.. if there’s no connection.. there’d be no human life.. no human being could evolve on his/her own.. if we were like snakes.. we wouldn’t survive.. we were wired to connect.. that wiring for connection stays with us all our lives.. so we’re social creatures.. that’s part of our nature

thurman interconnectedness law: when you understand interconnectedness it makes you more afraid of hating than of dying – Robert Thurman (@BobThurman)

hari addiction law

22 min – and fundamentally what happens is.. whatever diminishes/denies/subverts our need for connection is going to lead to some kind of pathology

22 min trauma is the disconnection.. the essence of trauma is disconnection from *self/others.

*maté basic needs law

suffering pain and being traumatized are not the same thing.. if suffer pain with disconnect.. not traumatized..



june 2019 – Dr Gabor Maté on Childhood Trauma, The Real Cause of Anxiety, Our ‘Insane’ Culture and Ayahuasca – 28 min video

“When I talk about being connected to ourselves, I’m talking about actually knowing what we feel and experience in a given moment, and being able to interpret that appropriately. You’ve never met an infant who’s not connected with its gut feelings. By the time you talk to adults, you find many people who even if they have their gut feelings, they ignore them. Something happens between infancy and adulthood that disconnects us. What that is, is our need for acceptance by our environment.”

See the full interview discussing how widespread trauma is in modern society, here:

28 min video:

i’m an imposter.. i’ve written books and give talks.. but all i’m saying is .. treat children well and they’ll be fine.. don’t and they won’t

3 min – greek word for trauma is wound..  healing involves scar tissue.. bigger wound.. bigger scar.. loss of feeling, reduced flexibility.. a psychic wound that hardens/pains you.. whole life regulated by fear and pain.. trauma isn’t what happens to you.. it’s what happens inside you

5 min – very few people grow up fully untraumatized in this culture..

6 min – also less resilient.. because resilience requires connection

7 min – most people.. and legal system.. ed system.. knows very little about trauma.. so end up punishing rather than rehabilitating

connected to self – knowing self.. feelings.. et al

9 min – we were born w that capacity.. never met an infant not connected to gut feelings.. by the time talk to many adults.. many don’t even have gut feelings.. because they ignore them.. so something happens from infancy to adulthood that disconnects us.. what is that..t

not yet scrambled ness

what that is is the need for acceptance by our environ.. if our environ cannot/will-not accept our gut feelings and healthy emotions.. then the child in order to belong and fit in will automatically/unwittingly/unconsciously repress/suppress emotions and connection to self for the sake of staying connected to the nurturing environ.. w/o which the child can’t survive.. t

maté trump law

brown belonging law

10 min – a lot of children are in this dilemma.. do i feel/express what i feel or do i have to suppress that in order to be acceptable.. to be a good/nice kid..t

if parent isn’t in touch with self.. can’t tolerate the child’s feelings.. react in anger.. and the child learns.. i mustn’t feel what i feel.. because i have to belong to my parents.. a tragic choice.. not even a choice.. automatic.. then we get into adulthood.. and.. i don’t even know who i am..t

11 min – fit w econ ..(study/report this summer .. 80% of males in canada stressed in jobs) .. econ needs people who will go into meaningless/drudgery/intolerable (jobs) .. but will put up with it.. so there’s a confluence with the needs of the econ and the way we parent kids.. t

bs jobs et al

the more disconnected kids are .. the more they can fit into the econ.. t.. that doesn’t care about human feelings.. just cares about profit and production.. so just a cycle..

new book – myth of normal in an insane culture

12 min – if you look at sanity as something that’s congruent w human nature/needs.. never mind nature.. just look at needs.. for meaning/connection/validation/belonging/transcendence.. and look at those as needs.. this society is insane because it tramples on those human needs.. that’s what makes it insane.. so normal in society.. they’re conforming to an insane standard

krishnamurti measure law

writing another book with my son: hello again.. a fresh start for adult children and their parents

14 min – (on anxiety and panic attacks) in general.. all mental health disorders originates in childhood experience as a coping mech

cope\ing ness

afraid when we’re threatened.. child’s biggest need.. attachment w parent.. so should feel fear when not around.. and when parent is responding to their (natural) parent instinct.. they will respond when child cries out..

15 min – what happens to a person who’s parents are taught not to pick up kids when crying.. now that natural fear that causes the crying.. which brings the parent.. which ends the anxiety .. is embedded in the child.. so what begins as a coping mech.. now becomes generalized

16 min – so .. when i have that anxiety when there’s no immediate threat.. what is that about.. it’s not a response to anything external.. it’s the embedded anxiety that i developed as a child.. in a society that makes people more isolated all the time (so a cry for some desperate help from childhood trauma – normal – needs relief)

18 min – the more you get to know yourself.. the freer you are.. whatever you bring out of self.. will free you.. whatever you don’t will kill you

19 min – align your psyche w body..

20 min – on ayahuasca – under proper circumstances.. can relive childhood experiences.. w the insight of an adult.. so get to know true nature.. get to make friends w it.. a romanticized version.. sometimes just get a stomach ache.. and for some.. fears can be very difficult.. not for everybody.. but for a lot of people can be profound journeys into the soul

but .. an adult not in tune w self.. no? – insight in need of detox

24 min – endometriosis.. fibromyalgia.. all from childhood trauma.. stresses from suppressing self.. their disease is their body saying no

when body says no

25 min – (advice to 18 yr old) – i was trying to fix the world.. because of stuff i was suppressing.. so.. get to know yourself.. combine curiosity about self.. curiosity means .. you really don’t know.. really open to finding out .. and open to any kind of outcome.. that takes a lot.. because people are afraid of what they will find

26 min – so to 18 yr old self.. relax.. the world is benign.. it will support you.. use it to support yourself.. get to know yourself.. not on selfish needs.. but on real needs.. don’t neglect one (inside) for the other (outside)



hari rat park law

scattered and hungry ghosts

gabor on democracy now

maté trump law
maté basic needs law
maté not yet scrambled law
healing (roots of) – [here Gabor talks about A H Almass as person he may quote most ..maybe person i quote most is Gabor .. since my he’s basis/insight of a nother way]
human nature
when the body says no
scattered .. add
in the realm of hungry ghosts ..  addiction
maté acting out law
almaas holes law


so.. let’s get back to not yet scrambled ness..

ie: hlb via 2 convos that io dance.. as the day..[aka: not part\ial.. for (blank)’s sake…]..  a nother way


perpetuating trauma .. ie: 1500 brothers of the gun


via cure violence tweet:

Tackling trauma early can reduce violent crime

Original Tweet:

Your startling assertion that we can cut violent crime by 50 per cent by tackling childhood trauma should be essential reading for anyone who cares about the scourge of youth violence in London. 

maté trauma law

we can do better..

maté basic needs law via 2 convos.. as infra


in Michael Pollan‘s how to change your mind


stanislav grof.. one of pioneers of lsd assisted psychotherapy: ‘psychedelics would be for psychiatry what the microscope is for biology or the telescope is for astronomy’

Grof is known, in scientific circles, for his early studies of LSD and its effects on the psyche—the field of psychedelic therapy. Building on his observations while conducting LSD research and on Otto Rank‘s theory of birth trauma, Grof constructed a theoretical framework for prenatal and perinatal psychology and transpersonal psychology in which LSD trips and other powerfully emotional experiences were mapped onto a person’s early fetal and neonatal experiences. Over time, this theory developed into what Grof called a “cartography” of the deep human psyche. Following the suppression of legal LSD use in the late 1960s, Grof went on to develop a theory that many states of mind could be explored without drugs by using certain breathing techniques. He continues this work as of 2015 under the trademark “Holotropic Breathwork“.


Abraham Gutman (@abgutman) tweeted at 1:47 PM – 23 Jun 2019 :
I had nightmares because of the Holocaust as a little kid. I remember as a child needing to work through what was it about people like me that was so unworthy.
The grandkids of every person in a concentration camp on the border today will go through this too. (

maté trauma law


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