joseph reward law

(when Peter was asked why other smart people… degrasse tyson.. musk.. aren’t suggesting/seeing this).. it’s

bias.. esp if you’ve been rewarded

someone made a 2 min clip of it..


We need to shift from a culture of consumerism to a culture of citizenship & cooperation.

at 15 min – (when asked why other smart people… degrasse tyson.. musk.. aren’t suggesting/seeing this).. it’s bias.. esp if you’ve been rewarded

why ubi is suggested by them.. best way to help.. with them keeping their rewards.. but ubi isn’t enough

a nother wayubi as temp placebo

also from Peter‘s book – human movement:


the real problem is that we have blindly accepted as custom a society based upon competition and scarcity, regardless of our vast intellectual ingenuity and the growing scientific evidence that we could, indeed, live quite differently if proper structural adjustments were made.. t

in other words.. we are reacting within a social system we have grown to perpetuate and assume is final, not reacting to some immutable restrictions imposed by the earthly habitat, human nature, or some natural law..

the statues, symbols, language, taboos, and other means of cultural manipulation are constant since the needed cohesion to stifle any interfering social change depends on it.. t


the ultimate moral conundrum today is this: how can we expect highly moral or ethical decisions by a population submerged inside a social system that rewards the exact opposite behavior

joseph reward law

market capitalism is simply not conducive to mutual human concern..t

free will is th most reinforced and consistent ideological assumption in the world today..every human action is generally assumed to be a conscious willful free decision by both others and ourselves. it is a powerful intuition we all share…. yet, once a system perspective is taken.. the mythology of free will quickly begins to unravel..

preconditions.. pre conditioning us.. ie: language, religion, customs..  the shaping makes certain propensities highly probable, with others highly improbable, regardless of the ‘free will’ of the person..

dna ness..rna ness.. geno pheno gap ness..   leading to ..  not us ness


while charity is admirable.. once it becomes institutionalized/funded.. turns into something different.. with extended social ramifications (gates)

so what we have..  pseudo egalitarian capitalists.. generate wealth .. promoting very mechs that have led to structural violence and poverty.. they then turn around and offer their charity as the solution to the problems created by the very system that reward them..t

once again, this has nothing to do with intent.. it is about an underlying hypocrisy that bypasses and obscures the real problem solving focus desperately needed .. can only be structural..

deep enough.. to cure us


inequality machine.. the rewarded wealthy are naturally the last to be critical of the very system that allowed for their flourishing and they are certainly hesitant to change it .. such is the historical nature of class conflict itself.. again..

this has nothing to do w deliberate conspiracy or the like.. it is simply a systemic result inherent to the logic, values, and structure of capitalism..


then from Jerry:

july 2017 – interview
Mindset is everything, but it is extremely hard to shift. That’s *even more true if the new mindset runs counter to your training, credentials and status. Those willing to see differently will **invent our next markets and social contracts.
There is much to do once you replace scarcity and profit with abundance and well-being, for example.
*sounds like joseph reward law – ‘hardest for those who have been rewarded by this system’
**perhaps rather.. disengage from markets and social contracts.. (which again.. are hard to disengage from esp when you’ve been rewarded for them)
How might we help reconnect people with one another, and with meaning? ..How can we amplify the stories that work, so that more communities can implement the parts they like, locally?
ie: hlb via 2 convos that io dance.. as the day..[aka: not part\ial.. for (blank)’s sake…]..  a nother way


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upgraded for London flight (for free! unearned privilege!) MAN systems of stratification are easy to get used to when they work for you


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