moore laughable\irrelevant law

via Michael Moore‘s documentary: Sicko

[thinking if other cultures/places first response is that they don’t know how to respond because it’s so foreign.. so they laugh.. perhaps our assumptions that .. it’s a given.. a supposed to.. should be red flagged.. big time.. like tribes that don’t say thank you.. because sharing ie: food.. is a given]

54 min – then to great britain – if under 16 or over 65 everything is free

56 min – 6 mos off paid, 6 mos off not paid.. and medical bill doesn’t exist.. (for baby delivery)

no billing dept..

imagine how much less B/too much ness

er visits.. free..

laughed at for asking how much it costs..

aka: so irrelevant (to humanity ness) can only laugh

57 min – british hospitals.. money comes out of cashier window.. to pay for travel..

later french dr’s laughing when asked



gupta roadblock law