about site updates: i (i for we) am adding maybe 0-5 pages daily.. and editing/remixing others ongoingly. they are all pages, not posts.. so not sure of a way for a person to see daily updates. which is kind of fitting. again like wikipedia. perhaps a resource.. but not intending to lead you somewhere..

more of a virtual model/trail of a person as they are noticing/dreaming/connecting/doing/being (aka: detoxing)

a model of one varying variety of what an app/chip/mechanism might create for/with a person, as they are ie: talking to themselves daily, following their whimsy. like a commonplace book. maybe. ish.

site as a modeling/prototyping of hosting-life-bits (app/chip output)


like a (non-linear) dance of grokkings.. 

arzu journal


or a (less-orderly than Jerry‘s and Maria‘s) dance of a brain: 

site as my brain graphic



some latest pages/focus..

in regard to a people experiment – rewire: ds\ni – ic:

making up money.. too much.. too little

holmgren indigenous law..listening to human nature et al.. eagle and condor ness time.. short\bit.. human\e constitution.. no train.. not voiceless..idio jargon

consensusemergence – territorial\ness – voluntary compliance

femin ism nessbinary ness – parenting – mowing the lawn

bend your earweb\ing – next l

on hold ness – interpretive labor

verifiability law – laws\ish

io dancerna ness – decision making – entropy – hosting life bits – dna\ness – calm tech

three ship\ables – w/self-talk as data – in the open via leapfrogging

systemicwww/ global systemic change (p1 p2 p3)

a nother way book/ site as an app-chip output/ rat park

short/(collection of intros)/let’s do this first: life/ energy

cure ios city – neighbor\hood (govt) – refugee camps

app/chip update ideas – document everything – jerry’s brain

too much – what i’ve seen – 2 needs – science of people

a qr film – here’s the deal – what – model another way

naked streets

no prep


recent stream of consciousness –  [good-bye/hello/vulnerable/iterating]

what’s the deal ?

why not yet

city sketchup

iterations on the app

partial reading list – chronological order

storyboard – 2008 to present


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3 ship  [a kids’ bookan app/chipan experiment]
short  [deep problem,simple mechanism,opensystem]
short bp
io dance/hosting life bits (blockchain/stack ness: replace server farms – chip energy efficient –dna\ness)
ps in the open (idiosyncratic jargon)
decision making/B redefined via self-talk as data
rna ness – entropy ness
on leap frogging – for (blank)’s sake
gupta roadblock law
calm tech