if equity is everyone getting a go every day.. redefining public education becomes revolution of everyday life.. aka: global equity

about site updates: i (i for we) am adding maybe 0-5 pages daily.. and editing/remixing others ongoingly. they are all pages, not posts.. so not sure of a way for a person to see daily updates. which is kind of fitting. again like wikipedia. perhaps a resource.. but not intending to lead you somewhere..

(one page update in 2018 – thinking restate/update 7.18.)

more of a virtual model/trail of a person as they are noticing/dreaming/connecting/doing/being (aka: detoxing)

a model of one varying variety of what an app/chip/mechanism might create for/with a person, as they are ie: talking to themselves daily, following their whimsy. like a commonplace book. maybe. ish.

site as a modeling/prototyping of hosting-life-bits (app/chip output)


like a (non-linear) dance of grokkings.. 

arzu journal


or a (less-orderly than Jerry‘s and Maria‘s and.. hlb trail ie’s) dance of a brain: 

site as my brain graphic



some latest pages/focus..

in regard to a people experiment – rewire: ds\ni – ic:

on ubi as planned obsolescence.. and rethinking cities

art (by day/light) and sleep (by night/dark) as re\set.. to fittingness

curiosity over decision making

everyone in sync.. everyone.. sans control..aka: unconditional

imagine if our only label was our daily curiosity..  let’s focus on that data for a while.. let’s let go enough (embrace entropy/uncertainty).. to just see

thinking restate/update 7.18.. findings abstract

augmenting interconnectedness to get back to an undisturbed ecosystem.. ie: a quiet revolution

not yet scrambled .. perhaps what we’re missing is tech as it could be

healing (roots of).. via 2 convos [ie: hlb via 2 convos that io dance.. as the day..(aka: not part\ial.. for (blank)’s sake…)..  a nother way]

what is legible ness.. what is work ness.. who decides

making up money.. too much.. too little

holmgren indigenous law..listening to human nature et al.. eagle and condor ness time.. short\bit.. human\e constitution.. no train.. not voiceless..idio jargon

consensusemergence – territorial\ness – voluntary compliance

femin ism nessbinary ness – parenting – mowing the lawn

bend your earweb\ing – next l

on hold ness – interpretive labor

verifiability law – laws\ish

io dancerna ness – decision making – entropy – hosting life bits – dna\ness – calm tech

three ship\ables – w/self-talk as data – in the open via leapfrogging

systemicwww/ global systemic change (p1 p2 p3)

a nother way book/ site as an app-chip output/ rat park

short/(collection of intros)/let’s do this first: life/ energy

cure ios city – neighbor\hood (govt) – refugee camps

app/chip update ideas – document everything – jerry’s brain – other hlb trail ie’s

too much – what i’ve seen – 2 needs – science of people

a qr film – here’s the deal – what – model another way

naked streets

no prep


recent stream of consciousness –  [good-bye/hello/vulnerable/iterating]

what’s the deal ?

why not yet

city sketchup

iterations on the app

partial reading list – chronological order

storyboard – 2008 to present


[note/update: on any links that don’t work w/wetpaint – change wetpaint to wikifoundry in url]




3 ship  [a kids’ bookan app/chipan experiment]
short  [deep problem,simple mechanism,opensystem]
short bp
io dance/hosting life bits (blockchain/stack ness: replace server farms – chip energy efficient –dna\ness)
ps in the open (idiosyncratic jargon)
decision making/B redefined via self-talk as data
rna ness – entropy ness
on leap frogging – for (blank)’s sake
gupta roadblock law
calm tech