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marsh label law: group affiliation is essential for the dehumanization of ‘others’.. encourage pride in whatever noun people id as – Heather Marsh


from Heather Marsh‘s binding chaos (20)

group affiliation is essential for the dehumanization of ‘others’.. encourage pride in whatever noun people id as instead of what actions they have taken.. this is the root of all racism, nationalism, ageism, sexism, and every other form of bigotry


Heather Marsh‘s identitarians

us & them

binary ness

bateson reductionism law

naming the colour

labeling is killing us.. there’s a nother way .. via cure ios ity

ie: hlb via 2 convos that io dance.. as the day..[aka: not part\ial.. for (blank)’s sake…]


The problem with labels is that once they’re applied, it’s impossible to see what lies beneath. When the world changes, then, our labels cease to function and we’re blind to the opportunities that are presenting themselves. Seth Godin – Icarus Deception


Jesse Stommel (@Jessifer) tweeted at 5:15 AM – 13 Apr 2018 :

I spent almost the entire day yesterday reading and retweeting the stories of students. Many of them are genuinely horrifying. And I feel a sense of solidarity with their expressions of rage. I will continue to amplify these voices, the ones @USATODAY is not giving a platform to. (

if only we felt this passionate about curiosity.. maybe all the labels could disappear
Peter Joseph tweet

A tip for humanity: There are hundreds of marginalized groups in recorded history that have suffered at the hands of groupism and bigotry, enduring genocide as a common practice. Let us not assume any of these atrocities outweigh any of the others. Just say NO to group loyalty.

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Kris Olds (@GlobalHigherEd) tweeted at 6:10 AM – 13 Apr 2018 :
“We spent millions on consultants who knew little about higher education and less about the OU to tell us how to be a better Open University. Not only is this wasteful, but the message it sends is that we don’t trust our own staff to know what is required.” (

same to 7 bn of us

discrimination as equity

krishnamurti organization law


from Krishnamurti‘s total freedom


naturally, when you seek to overcome, to dominate, to evade, and to arrive at that ultimate goal, there arises the search for system and their leaders, guides, teachers, and experts; to me all thee are exploiters..  the systems, the methods, and their teachers, and all the complications of their rivalries, enticements, promises, and deceits, create divisions in life known as sects and cults


when you call yourself an indian or a muslim or a christian or a european or anything else, you are being violent. .. because you are separating yourself from the rest of mankind..


At #opencoop I keep thinking of @JulietSchor’s evidence at the first #platformcoop conf that values-based sharing platforms can be more discriminatory and exclusive than corporate monopolies.

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in Richard Sennett‘s building & dwelling


clarifying images of a community’s id will render the presence of these minority groups invisible. wha tis a danger in the ville is also a danger psychologically: the conviction that one has a mast self image, a dominant id, as black, latino, gay or british, shrinks the multi layered richness fo the self..


flag\ged earth

gaga kindness\hatred law

bateson reductionism law


great short read of Peter

“I love and treasure individuals as I meet them, I loath and despise the groups they identify or belong to.” – G. Carlin

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David Wengrow (@davidwengrow) tweeted at 2:34 PM on Wed, Jul 03, 2019:
There’s so much wrong here I almost don’t know where to start. In antiquity the Eastern Mediterranean was a place of constant mixture, not bounded groups of “Europeans” and “Levantines” occasionally linked by “admixture” – that is just what we made of it.


brand non-binary law


monet to see law: ‘to see we must forget the name of the thing we are looking at.’
Claude Monet


people who take sides cannot see reality
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