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1 min clip from crazywise (a&a):


Gabor Maté, M.D., discusses the conflict children and adults often face staying true to their authenticity while potentially jeopardizing their important relationships. Full interview at:

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Gabor Maté

gabor on addiction/trauma/needs

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when body says no

authenticity & attachment

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most common attribute of people who are waking up: loneliness

But our desire to fit in and be accepted is slowly being drowned out by our desire to be free.

like overcoming the big – attachment trumps authenticity.. [maté trump law] a global authenticity.. one ness..

petter‘s showing of sway


lot of this via Gabor in human nature


crazywise doc..Gabor at 49 min

gabor: what becomes suppressed is our authenticity


from Erich Fromm‘s the sane society:


if such a goal is not attained by the majority of members of any give society, we deal w the phenom of socially patterned defect.. the individual shares it w many others; he is not aware of it as a defect, and his security is not threatened by the experience of being different, of being an outcast, as it were..

pluralistic ignorance et al

what he may have lost in richness and in a genuine feeling of happiness, is made up by the security of fitting in with the rest of mankind – as he knows them..

brown belonging law.. maté trump law.. et al


poem by richard brautigan ( – for fear you will be alone

For fear you will be alone
you do so many things
that aren’t you at all.

wilde not-us law


brown belonging law