jensen civilization law

civilization..can never be an ethical or sustainable model for human society


jensen civilization law: ‘civilization..can never be an ethical or sustainable model for human society’ – Derrick Jensen


from democracy now interview – on Derrick Jensen‘s page

defn of civilization is a way of life characterized by the growth of cities.. defn of city is people living in numbers large enough to require the importation of resources

jensen import law:

2 things if require importation of resources  1\ way of living can never be sustainable..  2\ way of life must be based on violence.. because trade will never be sufficiently reliable


from murray bookchin‘s ecology of freedom:


in many respects, *‘civilization’ involves a massive enterprise to undo the impact of maternal care nurture, and modes of thought on the character structure of the offspring.. the imagery of growing up has actually come to mean growing away from a maternal, domestic world of mutual support , concern and love into one made shapeless, unfeeling and harsh.. to accommodate humanity to war, exploitation, political obedience ..t.. and rule involves the undoing not only of human ‘first nature’ as and animal but also of human ‘second nature’ as a child who lives in dependency and protective custody under the eyes and in the arms of its mother.. what we so facilely call ‘maturity’ is not ordinarily an ethically desirable process of growth and humanization.. to become an ‘autonomous’ ‘perceptive’ ‘experienced’ and ‘competent’ adult involves terms that historically possess very mixed meanings.. **the child’s growth away form the values of a caring mother toward autonomy and independence becomes a cultural travesty and a psychological disaster when it results in a youth’s degrading dependency upon the caprices of an egotistical and unfeeling taskmaster.. t

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*jensen civilization law.. maté parenting law.. graeber parent/care law.. et al **khan filling the gaps law .. et al


from peter kropotkin‘s conquest of bread:


sermons preached on those who have should share w those who have not.. but as poetry not practice.. ‘to lie is to degrade and besmirch oneself..’ we say, and yet all civilized life becomes one huge lie.. we accustom ourselves and our children to hypocrisy, to the practice of double faced morality.. and since the brain is ill at ease among lies, we cheat ourselves w sophistry (use of false statements).. hypocrisy and sophistry become the second nature of the civilized man..

civilization ness.. jensen civilization law




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