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via Bruce Alexander insight.. written by Johann Hari in chasing the scream:

We have to build a society that looks more like Rat Park and less like a rat race.


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rat park

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hari addiction law

hari present in society law

crazywise (doc) – (Gabor MatéWill Hall, Phil Borges et al)


organism as fractal


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Opiate epidemic isn’t criminal or health problem. People (& rats!) become addicts when lives are awful – @iwelsh ianwelsh.net/the-cause-of-t…


Carl Hart..

Here’s clip of my recent appearance on Brazil’s favorite TV talk show. #ConversaComBial

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we did – (rat park) – w humans in the lab.. gave them a choice

when provide people w attractive alt’s.. they will choose attractive alt’s over drugs..


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