descola control law

the control of the stock becomes the central point

– Philippe Descola

descola control law: ‘the control of the stock becomes the central point‘ – Philippe Descola


from from David Graeber & David Wengrow talk from mar 2018 (where i was intro’d to testart) – Slavery and Its Rejection Among Foragers on the Pacific Coast of North America: A Case of Schismogenesis? []:

1:07 – (philippe descola) – ineq not on shift to agri but on stockpiling/accumulation.. whether thru agri or foraging.. the control of the stock becomes the central point precisely not interpreted in terms of the immediate ecological analysis.. but the point to understanding the emergence of social control/protection


testart storage law: ‘storage expresses a distrust of nature‘ – Alain Testart


from David Wengrow‘s what makes civilization:


new possibilities of control were thereby generated over a vital social commodity: the memory of relationships formed thru the exchange of goods

marsh exchange law


via Harold on write ing and control

Harold Jarche (@hjarche) tweeted at 6:18 AM – 17 Jan 2019 :
Writing started us down an unequal and mostly patriarchal road that dominated most of the world into the age of print. Will the network age retrieve some of the egalitarianism of tribal societies? was changes in how we communicate that triggered changes in how we organize. .Perhaps it was not agriculture but the written word that allowed for more command & control and therefore less equal societies.

control ness

descola control law – control of stock .. control of communication

Will our future leaders be those who exert influence through reputation and not positional power, as those honourably-buried ancients in Sungir may have done so long ago?

perhaps our future leaders will be everyone (via mech to hear every voice everyday).. so too.. no one.. rendering leadership/power/control irrelevant.


inspectors of inspectors.. too much .. let go


️ (@umairh) tweeted at 4:47 AM – 1 Feb 2019 :
It’s pretty ironic that basically America and Britain are gonna end up forming a collapsed, grim soviet union of capitalism, because they just hate everyone if they can’t own them (


Philippe Descola:

Philippe Descola, FBA (born 19 June 1949) is a French anthropologist noted for studies of the Achuar, one of several Jivaroan peoples, and for his contributions to anthropological theory.

testart storage law



carhart-harris entropy law – hard won order


social control

supposed to’s

let go

holmgren indigenous law

undisturbed ecosystem

research ness