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 difference between doing things right and doing the right thing .. – Peter Drucker

via Russell Ackoffwhere efficiency is doing things right, effectiveness is doing the right thing.


from Hubert Dreyfus‘ ..what computers can’t do:

p 12

perhaps we are instead facing a discontinuity, which requires not greater effort but entirely different techniques,


from hardt and negri‘s assembly

drucker maintains that the primary obstacle for workers to become entrepreneurs of themselves is the stable, guaranteed job for life..  to create an entrepreneurial society, therefore, the power of trade unions must be broken because the employment stability they offer discourages workers from innovating in their lives and continuously refashioning themselves..  


similarly, he continues, the permanence of public institutions, such as unis and govt agencies, must be destroyed because the social stability they offer similarly discourages self innovation .. 



“Societal innovation is more significant than scientific or technological innovation.” (Peter Drucker) Unfortunately, the former leaves a lot to be desired, doesn’t it?
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