haber afraid to feel law

Don’t be afraid to feel anything today. It’s all valid. – jimmy haber

via jimmy .. the day mom died



from gabor maté‘s myth of normal:


question not.. whether to be angry .. but how to relate in a wholesome way to feeling that naturally ebb and flow w life’s tide

haber afraid to feel law et al

4\ acceptance

allowing things to be as they are.. however they are.. it has nothing to do w complacency or resignation.. though sometimes these can pose as acceptance.. ie: ‘it is what it is’.. egotism moonlighting as authenticity.. acceptance is the recognition..ever accurate.. that in this moment things cannot be other than how they are.. endeavor to just be with it..


rejection of any part of our experience is an unnatural self rejection, one that nonetheless feels normal to many of us

a distinction must be made between accepting and tolerating.. being w something and putting up w something have precious little to do w each other.. tolerating the intolerable, is deadening.. ie: resigning oneself bleakly to conditions such as abuse or neglect involves rejecting crucial parts of one’s self, needs and values and integrity.. that needs to be safeguard.. that is far from true acceptance..



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