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as if the organization of daily life needed a name, a website, and an English-language spokesperson to exist 

Omar Aziz


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Leila Al-Shami (@LeilaShami) tweeted at 1:57 AM – 20 May 2017 :

To Live in Revolutionary Time: Building Local Councils in Syria (

Often leftists who support the Assad regime or anarchists who support the YPG/PYD will ask things like, “Are there really liberatory groups in these areas? What are their names? What are their ideas?”

as if the organization of daily life needed a name, a website, and an English-language spokesperson to exist.

“Omar Aziz stood for the complete break-up [of] the state in order to achieve collective liberation without waiting for regime change or for one ruling power to replace another. He believed that communities are capable of producing their own freedoms regardless of political vicissitudes.” Aziz recognized that the time of revolution was the moment the people themselves should claim autonomy and put in place as much of an alternative programme as possible.

As Omar writes in both introductions, massive combative demonstrations had created spaces and times outside the control of the state. These demonstrations were often pushed forward by small affinity-based groups of revolutionaries called coordinating committees that operated clandestinely to avoid repression. In the space created, many forms of autonomous self-organizing began to emerge as the state withdrew or was driven back.

Omar and his friends believed that the human energy freed up by creating these spaces outside of authoritarian control would allow for the creation of new social forms, which would in turn further erode the state.


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thinking mostly about social control and how we haven’t yet gotten to global equity .. because we can’t seem to let go of it (control)

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