a people experiment

a people experiment detailed graphic

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short zoom out version of systemic change.. (sans people telling other people what to do.. any form of m\a\p)

city sketchup – (videos/google sketchup -2013).. zoom in version (ie: specifics) of how a city might look/change

imagine if we tried a legit nother way

[fitting with progression to year ? – a people experiment et al]


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a lab book page – has link to ebook and slideshare embed


one pager:

rewire: networked individualism as mechanism

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perhaps an experiment not yet tried.

emergence from an eclectic ecosystem (city), where perhaps we can unleash an authentic energy (curiosity/grit) as sustainability, via a dance revival of synchronicity (people/resources/tech).

aka – a people experiment/experience/praxis

rat park for people

(suggested cities ?)

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on global systemic change:

people experiment via cure ios city


links to each part:

why grit verticalhow to sync shortwhat ecosystem short


if we can show a city changed.. perhaps that will be enough for 8 billion people to set themselves free.

never convince just do it graeber


3 focus areas


graphic below links to ebook on issuu site..

lab book graphic 3


ibp (informal business plan, aka: next steps) has more specifics to a people experiment:

the premise of ibp


this page is 1 of 3 vision versions

let’s do this first: life


a qr film what i’ve seen – short

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collection of intros

city ness