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glossary {words & people}

keri akeri bkeri ckeri dker i ekeri fkeri gkeri hkeri ikeri jkeri kkeri lkeri mkeri nkeri okeri pkeri qkeri rus s smkeri tus u smkeri vkeri wkeri xkeri ykeri zkeri periodkeri periodnumbers


very cool quote by commenter – Andy, found here, when looking up ginormous. [again – love that merriam-webster site asks: What made you want to look up….?]

Language is intended for communication, not a measure of intelligence and is consistently evolving.


much like finding a name for your unborn child, that you think is unique, definitions/understandings of words are manifold.

this is part why we started a glossary of sorts (deck above).. which then led to this site.

it’s why George says what he says about communication. and why Chimamanda says what she says about a single story (definition.)

so – like the word detox – which many have suggested we not use – some have said the same about grit.

well then.. we could be like Saxon, who’s known for writing math word problems that made no practical sense, made up of made up words.. to help you realize the words didn’t matter.. it was the math.

or we could code redefine and/or make up our own words.. which we do.. but that would never end.

or maybe.. we just be like George and Chimamanda.. and listen/seek/see more by asking..

ie: what do you mean by that..

[assuming good has the potential for saving time/energy as well.. no?]