snowden private in public law

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[Ed didn’t say those exact words.. i did]

what Ed said:

privacy (protected space for self/free-mind) as foundation..intended for *people who don’t fit in w majority – Ed Snowden

*all of us


more of what Ed said:

42 min – you as an individual should not have to make these decisions.. so you have to be political about it.. privacy isn’t about something to hide.. it’s about something to protect.. the right to self/free-mind, the foundation of all other rights.. if you can’t try out in safe space with friends w/o judgement..

44 min – can’t figure out for self what you believe in and who you want to become unless that protected space..

spaces of permission w nothing to prove

privacy is not intended for the majority.. politicians/majority.. don’t need privacy.. but minorities… people who are a little bit diff.. don’t fit in.. even in a small way .. if you disagree w/majority…. you are the one that privacy is for..

45 min – it’s an anti social argument.. when say.. i’ll adapt to what rest of world wants.. you’re saying.. you don’t want freedom..

redefine decision making…. disengage from consensus.. because public consensus always oppresses someone..

calculus ness of the ginormously small – where we can be private in public.. et al

batra hide in public law

how do i hide

quiet in a room

46 min – many people do care.. just that we’ve been convinced there’s nothing we can do about it..

we should never be asked as a society to pick between one or the other.. we need to build institutions that don’t think about candidates.. instead give us a world we design..realize.. step by step..

binary ness

decision making.. beyond binary ness..going ginorm small .. (ie: institute hosted life bits everyday.. as the day.. for every single one of us..)


Ed Snowden

ps in the open

idiosyncratic jargon as encryption

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