graeber fear of play law

What ultimately lies behind the appeal of bureaucracy is fear of play.  – David Graeber, the utopia of rules et al


from utopia of rules:

p 200

what ultimately lies behind the appeal of bureaucracy is fear of play..t

i buy that. as in – fear of uncertainty. but i believe we’ve trained ourselves into that. .(safety addiction et al).. trained ourselves into a play is subversive mentality/legality.

this is ginormous..

fear of letting go enough ness.. so haven’t yet gotten to.. haven’t yet seen.. legit freedom 

carhart-harris entropy law et al

none of us are free ness

i think this is the same thing going on when david and ie: m of care – may 28 – talk of arbitrary ness.. not that it messes up the dance.. but that we’re afraid of it (arbitrary ness).. so we never get back/to the dance

i think we need to be as bold as david was in calling out our fear of play.. and call out our fear of arbitrary ness


from play page:

free\dom and play

gray play law

gray play deprived law

more from david graeber‘s utopia of rules:

261 (in footnotes)

157\ and if one is playing a game, the ‘play’ element is the unpredictable element, the degree to which one is not simply enacting rules, but applying skill or rolling the dice, or otherwise embracing uncertainty

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huge to play being about the freedom of uncertainty/entropy

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