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i have been experimenting with the intersection of city and school. am seeking ways for everyone to get a go.

equity everyone every day

if equity is everyone getting a go every day.. redefining public education becomes revolution of everyday life.. aka: global equity

[note: this site is part of an ongoing experiment, ie: modeling output ness using my (never just me) brain/self-talk as data]

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perhaps my only credential ..
thinking restate/update 7.18
short findings restate (2019)

gathering some backstory


backstory (2008 to present) storyboard

triiibes – intro to web/online ness
people – no end to the we, no way to attribute – oh my – all the people.. love.
equity1-2-2– – the piercing why.
recent pen/working-on-it: perhaps see updates; or collection of intros; ..
ship ables – to model a means for 7 bill people to leapfrog to a global do-over..

what i see

perhaps we can’t optimize (aka: see/be ourselves) if we have:
grouping by age
rules – if not created by people in community – and ongoingly
proof/credentials – as a means of value
perhaps we need to have (what’s missing – what we haven’t tried yet):
in the city (eclectic people/resources0
as the day (not after hours or added on)

conversation with Dave

[perhaps a good reveal because Dave has been a major mentor in all this]

what i’m learning

what i’ve seen


my brain:

my brain

[not using brain site anymore.. but Jerry is if you want to see it used to the max]

now just using this site as my brain


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may 2 2013

my evaluative response to how i’ve met district goals and standards:

the vision of the lab, and the heart/soul i occupy, is that innovation (which we have come to interpret as simply – learning – connecting existing ideas to create, perhaps, a new connection), comes from people who are given the time and space to play.

the neocortex, the part of the brain that houses the elements described by the verbiage we use in our district performance standards and goals, shuts itself down when it feels threatened.

in progress, as always, we are working toward creating these mental/physical spaces of permission [to play – to innovate – to learn – to get optimal potential/operation out of our neocortex]. perhaps a vital element of these spaces, and one that we are working on an equitable emergence/accessibility of, is that in them, people have nothing to prove.


july 23, 2013

resign from district (that i love and hold in deep gratitude)
to model/swim in 100% -ness, of the thing i can’t not do, (hasten equity – shedding the shiny)
to keep doing what i’m doing (thank you for the phrase dl)
to free up district moneys (1/2 time salary) for full time lab salary
to relieve district peoples from stress caused- when my thinking seems too risky/wild//uncertain/whimsical for district mandates/policy/et al
costello screen/service law
remind myself – in the seemingly ridiculous-ness of this decision (particularly in regard to finances)..
The most rational thing to do is the irrational work of art.  – Seth Godin
[art being the thing you can’t not do]
today i am alive. this is not ridiculous
working on birds eye view of the last 4 yrs (2012) – skinny, med, fat
slide below is from this slidedeck (year 1 of the lab - 2010)- if you want live links.
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why the app

old/unedited video – vision/plan to save the world


my darlings..

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