gare enslavement law

created a new class.. global corperatocracy.. who are the managers.. enslaving effectively the rest of the population.. people think of enslavement.. think of field slaves.. but what we’ve really got is a large number of house slaves.

Aaran Gare


from 2017 – Arran Gare in conversation with Philip Clayton – 23 min video – quote is 2 min in []

more on his page ie: ‘homes are prereq for genuine communities and fulfilling life’

bachelard oikos law et al


wilson money law

Anton Wilson (@antonjw) tweeted at 10:47 PM on Mon, Jun 29, 2020:
The primary function of money is to train a narrow set of behaviours.
Nobody abolished slavery.


supposed to’s.. of school/work

whales in sea world

inspectors of inspectors .. B and b.. et al

none of us are free