mona lisa smile compare law

not comparing.png

just after reading re imagining value report.. and watching mona lisa smile.. and reading instrumental.. adding mona lisa compare law..

because .. compare ness seems to be key to our being so screwed up..  we have this idea of supposed to’s  and top on the list is to compare everything.. which is lovely for .. perpetuate/ing not-us ness.. via broken feedback loop..

things are not always as they seem.. and even if they are for a brief moment in time.. they change in the blink of an eye.. or their dead..

we need to just stop comparing..


antifragility/emergence‘et-al.. makes exchange value irrelevant.. which makes comparing irrelevant.. which is good.. because that’s why exchange value is irrelevant.. because comparing is impossible.. because no one sees things the same.. no song can be played the same.. even by same person.. et al..






Nick Pettet (@NickPettet) tweeted at 6:32 AM – 9 Oct 2017 :

The Science Behind Mona Lisa’s Smile, by @WalterIsaacson via @TheAtlantic (