auden sure law

we envy streams and houses that are sure


from W H Auden‘s poem .. alerted to while reading Shoshana Zuboff‘s age of surveillance capitalism (poem/sonnet) precedes intro in digital version.. haven’t found it yet anywhere in hard copy

Wandering lost among the mountains of our choice,
Again and again we sigh for an ancient South,
For the warm nude ages of instinctive poise,
For the taste of joy in the innocent mouth.Asleep in our huts, how we dream of a part
In the glorious balls of the future; each intricate maze
Has a plan, and the disciplined movements of the heart
Can follow for ever and ever its harmless ways.We envy streams and houses that are sure:
But we are articled to error; we
Were never nude and calm like a great door,

And never will be perfect like the fountains;
We live in freedom by necessity,
A mountain people dwelling among mountains.

—W. H. Auden, In Time of War XXVII (1938)

from beginning of book (defining surveillance capitalism):

7\ a movement that aims to impose a new collective order based on total certainty;

taleb antifragile law.. carhart-harris entropy law.. auden sure law


next day:

if you have to be sure don’t write


more from zuboff’s book:


the ordering principle of the workplace had shifted from a division of labor to a division of learning..

we have the means to go deeper than this.. no division.. i wish we could quit stating the future in terms of the past..

let’s do something completely different.. let’s just facil daily curiosity  ie: cure ios city.. renders your 3 questions (who knows, who decides, who decides who decides) irrelevant.. because it’s all of us.. everyday..

the 3 questions are missing a big roadblock.. who knows what.. decides what..  the game completely changes if we base it off 7b curiosities.. new everyday

we’ve got to let go of any ‘sure‘ ness.. of the day


embracing uncertainty

taleb antifragile law

carhart-harris entropy law

fromm spontaneous law

auden more loving law