shaw communication law

communication quote by shaw

‘the single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place’ – george bernard shaw



words ness..

perhaps no words or at least beyond words..because we allow all the words and every other means.. ie: the limit of idiosyncratic jargon ness… realizing.. communication never finished ness

liminal thinking

quiet enough ness

listen & clap

toki pona


Chris Luchsinger experiment


small talk

what is legible ness.. who decides

et al


Austin Kleon (@austinkleon) tweeted at 7:00 AM – 24 Sep 2018 :
“Genuine conversation, it seems to me, is not something that one can aim directly at…”


language as enclosure/control.. words.. help us to think communication is finished


from nic askew newsletter – by chris mcleod []:

most meaningful experiences have something in common. words are not enough. something is always lost when we attempt to explain… the language we use somehow confines what we feel. i’m somehow aware that the language i am so sued to using always has an undercurrent of finality

language as control/enclosure.. shaw communication law.. et al

by being still. by allowing myself to be seen. by surprising myself about what i notice about others when i lose the stories that i’ve told myself.. by allowing myself to know that here in this moment i am enough.. i can be here.. i am here

still.. notice.. enough..

as simple as ‘being here’ sounds, it means that i am not thinking about ‘there’.. being here means .. this is enough.. ‘this is enough’ means i can trust the feeling that i can’t explain. trust it and not need to explain it.. 

mcleod explain law

and that is the most liberating feeling i may have ever experienced..