maté not yet scrambled law

the emotional sensory radar of the infant has not yet been scrambled.. it reads feelings clearly

-Gabor Maté


from Gabor Maté‘s scattered


infants, particularly sensitive infants, intuit the diff between a parent’s real psychological states and her attempts to soothe and protect the infant by means of feigned emotional expressions.. it is much easier to fool an adult w forced emotion than a baby.. *the emotional sensory radar of the infant has not yet been scrambled.. it reads feelings clearly.. they cannot be hidden from the infant behind a screen of words, or camouflaged by well-meant but forced is unfortunate but true that we grow far more stupid than that by the time we reach adulthood.

*why/when does this change..?

asking Gabor and James:

do you know if it remains more in tact in ie: indigenous people who have had minimal oppression from ‘civilization’..?

any observations of this that you have seen @anthrowittering ..?

Gabor’s response:

Because the infant and child gets confusing messages from confused feelings from confuse the adults who are themselves cut off from their own gut feelings.
Indigenous people in nature keep intact, it’s the only way they survive
huge.. grazie..

then i ask: so if there was a way to heal us.. make us whole again.. de stress us.. we could get that back.. ?..or at least future infants/children/adults wouldn’t lose it..?

Gabor’s response:


huge. thank you.

h  u  g  e

then (Robin and Alison bit) (gopnik & carhart-harris) – on ..not yet scrambled page.. then almaas holes law – they (parts of essence) are never gone forever


not yet scrambled..

thinking this is fitting with higashida autism law ..  (not yet scrambled because not yet born in the regime of civilization..)

thinking this is fitting with science of people ..  (not yet scrambled because not yet voluntarily compliantly schooled..)

like a child ness

perhaps 2 convos  .. can get us back to us.. unscramble us.. re – indigenous us

ie: hlb via 2 convos that io dance.. as the day..[aka: not part\ial.. for (blank)’s sake…]..  a nother way


elderly de scrambled ness