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and the link i believe (between addictions and creativity).. is sensitivity.. 


from Gabor Maté

on under the skin w/russell

Russell Brand (@rustyrockets) tweeted at 3:08 AM – 10 Nov 2018 :
.@DrGaborMate with a master class on addiction and trauma. Jaw dropping data.
Listen here:
#UnderTheSkin (

23 min – there’s a tremendous relationship between addictions and creativity and mental illness and artists.. writers and painters and musicians and so on..

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and the link i believe (between addictions and creativity).. is sensitivity.. 

the more sensitive you are the more creative you’re going to be.. but the more sensitive you are the more you’re going to suffer as well.. because you’re going to feel the pain more.. in other words.. you have more of a need to escape from the pain.. and that escape from pain is what drives addictions.. it’s also what drives a lot of mental illness..

noticing sensitivity to gut/earth/society – showing up as picky eaters ? – perhaps because of pesticide ness? or perhaps nerves (from society/scrambling) unsettling gut

24 min – so a lot of them are artists.. very interesting people.. and the thing i appreciated most about them.. they lied/manipulated/cheated.. they had to in order to get their next hit.. but they didn’t pretend to be anybody else than they were.. they’re absolutely willing to be themselves.. they’re liars and –  yes doc i stole this – willing to be themselves.. and that’s refreshing.. most of us are over sensed thru a lot of our pathways to social circles.. that people might be nice but nobody’s quite themselves.. and there.. there’s no pretense to be anyone else other than who they that’s tremendously refreshing.. t

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from gabor on toxic normal trauma:

70 min – 2nd question.. is it superpower? hmm.. i don’t go there.. i could live w/o loosing things all the time.. w/o my room being a tornado aftermath.. w/o forgetting things all the time.. i don’t understood how having difficulty standing still makes you a great hunter.. now what is true.. a lot of people w adhd or bipolar or depression or addiction are very talented creatives.. but that’s not because of their condition.. but what underlies their condition.. and what underlies their condition is the only thing that’s genetic.. which is sensitivity.. the more sensitive you are.. the more spontaneous.. creative.. joyful.. when things go right.. but when things go wrong .. going to hurt more..




imagining we’re all art\ists.. sensitive.. just need to be set free to that.. (let’s do this first).. we have no idea what we’re capable of

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crazywise ness.. fighting for space.. chasing the scream

hari addiction law – connection to others.. self.. and our sensitivity

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