higashida autism law

i think that people w autism are born outside the regime of civilization. i think that as a result of all the killings in the world and the selfish planet wrecking .. a deep sense of crisis exists.. autism has somehow arisen out of this..  we are like travelers from the distant past.. and if , by our being here, we could help the people of the world remember what truly matters for the earth that would give us a quiet pleasure..

from Naoki‘s the reason i jump


we are constantly underestimating/underplaying potential of people with autism.. – David Mitchell

holmgren indigenous law


maté not yet scrambled law


Dr Tim O’Brien (@Doctob) tweeted at 12:46 PM – 13 Feb 2018 :

The Maori word for #Autism is ‘takiwatanga’.
It means ‘his or her own time and space’ (http://twitter.com/Doctob/status/963499646457974784?s=17)


from Paul J Rosch page:

There is also evidence that increased stresses associated with progressive civilization, contribute to cancer.

Tanchou noted that “cancer like insanity increases in a direct ratio to the civilization of the country”.

Similarly, Roberts wrote in Malignancy and Evolution (1926), “I take the view commonly held that, whatever its origin, cancer is very largely a disease of civilization”.

civilization ness

Sir Robert McCarrison, a physician who had studied 11,000 Hunza natives in Kashmir from 1904-1911. Cancer was unknown, and these individuals seemed to preserve their youthful physique and appearance well into their sixties and seventies, and to enjoy unusual longevity. McCarrison attributed this to the fact that they were “far removed from the refinement of civilization…..and endowed with a nervous system of notable stability”. Both Stefansson and Schweitzer believed this had nothing to do with diet, but resulted entirely from the stresses associated with progressive civilization.

higashida autism law