higashida autism law

i think that people w autism are born outside the regime of civilization. i think that as a result of all the killings in the world and the selfish planet wrecking .. a deep sense of crisis exists.. autism has somehow arisen out of this..  we are like travelers from the distant past.. and if , by our being here, we could help the people of the world remember what truly matters for the earth that would give us a quiet pleasure..

from Naoki‘s the reason i jump


we are constantly underestimating/underplaying potential of people with autism.. – David Mitchell

holmgren indigenous law


maté not yet scrambled law


Dr Tim O’Brien (@Doctob) tweeted at 12:46 PM – 13 Feb 2018 :

The Maori word for #Autism is ‘takiwatanga’.
It means ‘his or her own time and space’ (http://twitter.com/Doctob/status/963499646457974784?s=17)