holmgren indigenous law


in dig e nous: originating or occurring naturally in a particular place; native.


David Holmgren

Jay (@thejaymo) tweeted at 7:28 AM – 31 Dec 2016 :

Land Cultures: Aboriginal economies and permaculture futures Land Cultures tells the story of the day… https://t.co/Xbno2hqsI1(http://twitter.com/thejaymo/status/815203041892769792?s=17)


ways to perform economy outside the banker’s realm..

bruce pascoe (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bruce_Pascoe)

9 min – it was an incredible bit of science and agriculture.. and yet this country knows nothing about it.. 220 yrs of academic research.. and no one can say what that grass was that they were growing.. great grass..here’s a grass.. no one knows of..

..this is an absence of scholarship

david holmgren (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Holmgren):

33 min – so .. the landscapes we have are nothing like they were.. the redevelopment of some of the indigenous food plants.. to sustain.. is a long term project.. we’ve got to rediscover the strains.. and do that selection… important tasks.. but won’t be done by the avg farmer.. this year..

35 min – ie: the vision of how we would select trees … a very slow project

37 min – is it cultural appropriation for me to be planting these plants.. everywhere in the world.. permaculture acknowledges indigenous and traditional people as the big source for what we need to do in the future.. *but not in the way that we need to exactly copy it in exactly the same place because the world has changed.. those soils are diff.. **all the cultures of the planet have been scrambled.. we are dealing w/1000 broken jigsaw puzzles.. of which we need to take pieces that we think might be useful.. and ***head over the horizon to a future we don’t know..

*chaos ness from Jim‘s doc..

**the need to listen deeply to every voice.. now.. to now..

***begs we leap.. (for (blank)’s sake…) ..to a nother way.. where we can listen to all the voices

38 min – where we have to again.. become indigenous

like the apple tree.. becoming indigenous

39 min – we all need to become indigenous.. and help with the process of rediscovering of what’s been lost


indigenous peoples

sand talk

listen to all the voices

eagle and condor time

Sean Yoro

human nature

human\e constitution

the new normal

not normal

crazywise (doc) – (Gabor Maté – maté basic needs lawWill Hall, Phil Borges et al)

one of the talks that i give is entitled.. the myth of normal.. which is to say that we think there are people who are normal over here and then there’s the pathological ones who have depression/anxiety/addiction/schizophrenia/bi-polar-disorder.. or any number of other.. adhd.. or any number of other conditions

dis order

what i see is a continuum.. that we’re all on a continuum.. theses traits to one degree or another are present in almost everybody

it’s a mythology to think there’s the normal and then there’s the abnormal..

according to research best place to be a schizophrenic in the world is not n america with all its pharmacopeia.. it’s actually a village in africa or india.. where there’s acceptance.. where people make room for your differentness.. where connection is not broken but is maintained..where you’re not excluded and ostracized but where you’re welcomed.. and where there’s room for you to act out whatever you need to act out.. your able to express whatever you need to express.. the whole community might even *sing with you or chant with you.. or hold ceremony with you.. maybe find some meaning in your ‘crazy ness’

*your own song

so.. it’s contextual and it’s cultural.. so disease is not an isolated phenomena of an individual it’s culturally manufactured/constructed paradigm

so a society that cuts us off from out spirituality.. that cuts us off from society by idealizing individualism and by destroying social context.. which our society does.. which ignores our emotional needs.. is going to be a society that generates pathology.. and i think that has to do with the very nature of the economic system.. that says that what matters is not who you are but how you are valued by others.. and our society values people for material.. it’s a materialistic society .. which specifically means.. that what we value is not who people are but what they produce or what they consume.. and the people that neither consume nor produce.. they’re ostracized.. they’re shunned to the side and they’re totally devalued.. hence the rejection of old people.. because they no longer produce.. and they’re not rich enough to consume a lot either

so the very nature of this materialistic society dictates/generates/promotes that separation from ourselves

there is an intelligence.. and i’m not speaking about an operative creature .. up there somewhere.. doing things and deciding things.. but there’s an intelligence in nature and creation that if we ignore we create suffering for ourselves and other people.. and *aligning with that intelligence/connection.. is really what.. whether we do so consciously or whether we do so because we’re called to do that.. in ways that manifest compassion/connection/love..

that’s the way we’re meant to be

*holmgren indigenous law

and so .. the recognizing that and the striving for it is what i call spirituality.. the paths are many.. some find it thru religion.. sometimes religion is an obstacle to that.. in fact.. often it is.. but it may be a conduit to it as well.. depending on who/how/where.. it’s what people are seeking... many other paths that are not religious.. but ..

fundamentally.. there’s this spiritual nature.. that if we ignore.. we’re actually ignoring an essential part of ourselves..

begs a means to undo our hierarchical listening

ie: a nother way


perhaps led by those w higher degree of autism – higashida autism law et al – not born into civilization ness

and/or young enough to not yet be scrambled.. ie: maté not yet scrambled law


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Spaniard raised by wolves disappointed with human life https://t.co/clfN2JuKZI (http://twitter.com/JenniferHiggie/status/991068703105183746?s=17)

“I think they laugh at me because I don’t know about politics or soccer,” he said one day. “Laugh back at them,” his doctor told him. “Everyone knows less than you.”

Children, after all, are the humans whom Rodríguez feels most comfortable with.

not yet scrambled law

undisturbed ecosystem ness


Pam Palmater


The New York Times (@nytimes) tweeted at 5:30 AM – 28 Jan 2019 :
Money means nothing to us,” said Chief Madeek, one of the hereditary leaders of the Wet’suwet’en people. “Our children, our land, our future, is here and that’s what we are going to protect.” https://t.co/fPHlwE3llH (http://twitter.com/nytimes/status/1089863181944664064?s=17)

money less ness

holmgren indigenous law


in Michael Pollan‘s how to change your mind:


stamets: ‘plants and mushrooms have intelligence, and they want us to take care of the environ, and so them communicate that to us in a way we can understand .. we just need to be better listeners..


alexander von humboldt (19th cent): ‘nature everywhere speaks to man in a voice familiar to his soul’


schmachtenberger meta law


isaiah 65:21-22

They will build houses and dwell in them;
they will plant vineyards and eat their fruit.
No longer will they build houses and others live in them,
or plant and others eat.


given the chance, nature will always come back to us‘ – Mary Reynolds in doc – dare to be wild

holmgren indigenous law

quote from her application to chesea award: ‘People travel the world to visit places that are beautiful. And then their gardens are colourful or bright or controlled but they are not beautiful. Gardeners have to remember that it is not about what they want, but about what the land wants.