how soon is now

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(2017) by Daniel Pinchbeck

intro’d to it here:

douglas and daniel

@Medium @rushkoff any chance we can have another meeting with them with you, myself, and futurist Daniel Schmachtenberger proposing an alternative path toward a regenerative society as I discuss in ?

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reading how soon is now just after finishing hardt and negri‘s assembly


2020 revised section from book via daniel:

daniel on peaceful leap


40 min talk on the book in 2017


8 min – a collective .. deciding.. maybe a period of time we have to re tool..

ie: short bp

10 min – a crisis of this magnitude opens up a space for people to think differently.. t

a nother way

that’s what his book is.. it’s a 9-10 yr effort.. one thing that really drove it was naomi’s shock doctrine

shock doctrine

23 min – we can construct a different game.. we just haven’t figured out how to get control of the system we’ve unleashed.. t

gershenfeld sel.. via 2 convos.. as infra

25 min – it could be more peaceful and rapid than we’ve imagined..t

indeed.. if we focus deep enough.. on a problem that resonates w 7bn people.. today..

has to be all of us

33 min – humor, ridicule, is good at mocking dominant power structures.. but harder to figure out how that leads to alternatives.. someone trying to do that.. russell brand.. charming/funny ways to get ideas out



preface – by sting


for me, the take home idea is that the biospheric emergency facing us is somehow wired into our dna, forcing us to make an evolutionary leap as a species..

just as i’m hearing about 100th monkey.. and a great concert (ab).. and how the present experience of love.. breaks down barriers/untruths.. and moves us beyond words/chains/et-al

this already in us ness.. is why we can leap (beyond exponential change) to  a nother way

i find this a compelling way of looking at our perilous situation , one that takes us beyond the stale rhetoric of political parties..  it may be that many, if not most of our problems are due to a poor level of understanding about the realities we face..


one thing i appreciate about this book is daniel’s no blame stance..  which could be more strategically effective for bringing about change than calling out the usual scapegoats..  the more important point is that *we and they are all part of the same system.. a system that itself needs a redesign..

*us & them ness.. as one

undisturbed ecosystem

as daniel points out.. the potential during this time is enormous.. .. but we can only realize it come together as one..

none of us if one of us

intro – by russell brand



i first encountered daniel thru his 2010 documentary 2012: time for change

time for change doc []

like daniel i have come to understand that we first of all need something like a revolution of consciousness and a profound transformation of our social systems if we want to avert short term regression into the primitive authoritarianism with which we are not threatened, as well as long term ecological meltdown..


i agree w him that this revolution is not imply a matter of changing our political or economic system; the solution has to be primarily spiritual and secondarily political

rather.. it just has to be deep enough to reach/resonate w 7bn people today..


(daniel’s doc intro’d me to bucky): buckminster fuller succinctly outline what ought be our collective objectives: ‘to make the world work for 100% of humanity in the shortest possible time thru spontaneous cooperation w/o ecological offense or the disadvantage of anyone’.. isn’t that simply sensible.. considering the ever increasing power of our techs, and the new communications networks that link humanity together instantly..?

indeed..  has to be 100% of humanity.. or it won’t work

as it could be..

2 convos.. as infra

ie: hlb via 2 convos that io dance.. as the day..[aka: not part\ial.. for (blank)’s sake…]..  a nother way

one thing daniel seeks to do in his book is to offer some elements of a possible new mythic structure, along w a blueprints for th future. his ideas have been drawn from tribal shamanism and quantum physics, as well as evolutionary biology and the cutting edge of developments in the fields like energy, sustainability and industrial design.. he envisions a system based on cooperation rather than competition that will allow our children and their children to live in relative peace and harmony, w/o further annihilating the earth’s fragile ecosystems, as we are now doing ast a rapid clip..

emmet fox: ‘regardless of another person’s behavior, the christ w/in them is calling out to you’


quite obviously, the old ways of looking at things are no longer helping us. we need new ideas and insights..

daniel proposes we approach the multilevel crisis of civilization now confronting us as a great opp for awakening and initiation.. we can focus on the great task that fuller set for us: to make the world comprehensively successful for all..

we already live w/in successive cycles of revolution that are occurring faster and faster. the agri rev took 1000s of yrs; the industrial rev took 100s; the tech rev took tens.. the spiritual rev is coming – as soon as now – and we have only an instant to act

p 1 – planetary initiation

1 – burning down the house


2005 at burning man.. i tried to incite a global revolution.. upon hearing about katrina .. (and 15 000 poor people, mostly african american, in the louisana superdome, in unsanitary conditions w/o water or power).. which no one at burning man heard/cared about.. i believed that the fractally rhizomatic now was the only moment that mattered.. the only moment that ever was..

burning man

i felt fury at our failure, as a species, to overcome the ‘system’

in 2000.. my first visit to burning man.. was skeptical.. but .. w/in a few days.. it permanently expanded my sense of what humanity could become..

i discovered a huge, supportive, loving community focused on self expression, direct experience and personal freedom.. as crucial for me as paris commune of 1870 was for karl marx and freidrich engels..



the essential political insight i took from burning man was our capacity to reorg society around principles quite diff from the ones we have now..  we can create a post postmodern civilization where the pursuit of art, ecstasy, play and spiritual communion are central to its purpose..

a nother way via 2 convos.. as infra

i believed a rapid global awakening was possible..

indeed.. if we focus on that.. a global awakening.. ie: the energy from 7bn alive people.. our detox/bridge/means – self-talk as data

naively i assume that everyone at burning man understood that the festival was simply a prelude/rehearsal.. eventually we would engineer a metamorphosis of our civilization, re creating it thru the crucible of the imagination..

but suddenly .. that night in 2005, i saw burning man’s celebratory spectacle, for the first time, as an artificial paradise distracting us from the sombre reality we needed to confront..  those w the awareness and ability to change the world were caught in a hall of mirrors – a subtle trap..  burning man was a temp autonomous zone, a beautiful mirage..  it showed what was possible, but it diverted our energy from the hard work of changing the system..  what it promoted was cultural rebellion not social transformation..  burning man had turned into a culture of its own, which made people obedient and complacent

distraction.. gupta roadblock law..


i proposed we stop the festival’s annual crescendo – the burning.. instead, invite the community to stay  for few extra weeks while we drafted a planetary constitution together.. we would use the disaster to tap the community’s genius in a focused and org’d way.. to design and build the prototype fo ra new social infra thru a cooperative, consensus process..

try this man: 2 convos.. as infra

as it could be..

rather than making incremental and fitful progress, humanity as a whole would make a sudden forward leap

leap.. yes.. but sans money/measure/decision-making/public-consensus/et-al

property would be collectivized.. we would be living the revolution as we created it – we would be co creating the new now..


the fastest way for a change to occur would be for the wealthy elite – or at least a subset of them – to take responsiblity for humanity’s current predicament, overcome the hypnotism of privilege and use their capital to engineer a rapid turnaround.. i know that sounds unlikely…

only because no one has figured out how that would play out (a true rapid turnaround).. i think rich people are throwing money around everywhere.. just .. nothing to date.. is working/sustaining.. getting us back to an undisturbed ecosystem

[exactly what i’d love to talk to you about daniel – that’s been my focus for 10 yrs now.. ie: what’s the problem that would be deep enough; what’s the mech that would be simple enough; and what’s the ecosystem that would be open enough.. for 7bn people to resonate with .. today.. right now]


another option would be some form of revolution or global overturning of the current system, substituting new institutions for the dysfunctional ones we have now.. i realize that sounds pretty difficult also

same thing.. ie: short bit


as much as i could, i sought to influence the influencers..


sitting on the private plane to mexico in 2012, i wished i could find a way to speak to my host, to convey to him the pressing needs of our moment – what might happen if his genius for building co’s could be channelled, used to liberate the masses from the mental prison the media has built around the human mind. but i could tell my views would mean nothing to him

wow.. so..

sitting on my chair reading how soon is now 2018, i wished i could find a way to speak to my author, to convey to him the pressing needs of our moment – what might happen if his genius/luck of connections could be channelled, used to liberate the masses from the mental prison the media has built around the human mind. but i could tell my views would mean nothing to him (rather.. would never reach him.. because.. our main problem today.. we don’t have a means to listen to all the voices.. aka:as it could be)


what if there are no experts, as of now in what the future can bring

i’m believing that..  1\ expertise has to be from all of us.. every last one..  2\ begs an expert idea to launch it.. ie: to free all of us


we can redirect our civilization along a diff path and we can do it quickly..  alexis zeigler writes in culture change ‘the solution to changing .. is the simple impossible act of creating social networks that build social support outside of the mainstream in the context of a truly sustainable society’.. if we haven’t accomplished this yet, it may be because we haven’t really tried..

or rather.. we haven’t focused enough.. been quiet enough .. to figure out what that might look like.. what that might take.. ie: a nother way


in 2012: the return of quetzalcoatl.. my last book, i explored the thesis that humanity is undergoing an evolutionary leap from one level of consciousness – one state of being – to the next..

aboriginals don’t conceive of history, of progress and redemption, of decline and fall. for them, the universe is a sacred continuum, and ongoing ceremony.. there is only one holy moment, infinitely extended. this way of understanding time is at least as sensible as ours..


we may be following a programme or sequence – mush like foetal development, where the mother transmits chemical signals to her infant, at precise intervals, up to the the moment of birth. how we understand and articulate it is part of the programme,executed by the code as it writes itself

sounds 100 monkey ish

right now, i believe we are in transition – in the birth canal – approaching the next threshold of our awakening..

what if that was our assumption about everyday.. that that happens to all of us .. everyday.. anew..

the imagination is not just a faculty. william blake considered it to be human existence itself..  when we ratchet up our awareness of unity w/in multiplicity – the world shifts correspondingly..


it’s hard to imagine how we can make a rapid systemic transition w/o a mass awakening of a consciousness revolution..

awakening indispensable people.. via 2 convos.. as infra

considering the severity of our biospheric emergency, we must find technical as well as social solutions that can replicate quickly and scale exponentially..

indeed.. let’s try a mech to listen to and facil all the voices.. everyday.. as it could be..

the rhetoric of sustainability tends to support the belief that our current form of post industrial capitalism can be reformed..  tha tit can persist in something close to its present order..

according to chaos theory, the nonlinear dynamics of living organisms allow for the emergence of new orders of complexity, when a system reaches a high level of instability..  a regenerative culture..  a new way of being..

a nother way


at this point, we need more than a vague idea of the alt.. we can’t just hold hands together and sing ‘imagine’ .. we have to understand what’s wrong .. while .. building the tangible alts..  we should demand a world that works for everyone..

100% of humanity.. indeed

we are one..


2 – ecstatic contact w the cosmos


our current civilization artificially keeps us alienated and isolated, in competition w each other.. ‘disasters, in returning their sufferers to public/collab life, undo some of their privatization, which is a slower, subtler disaster all its own’ – from rebecca solnit’s a paradise built in hell.. about people going out of way to help each other when catastrophe (ie: katrina) strikes



as individuals, we don’t need to wait or a catastrophic rupture.. but tragically, it seems that humanity, as a collective, requires a universal crisis to bring about our mass awakening

or.. a universal mech/focus/means..  ie: as it could be.. with/as detox embed..

our sense of self id and awareness develop thru adolescence, but we may require a culturally induced ordeal – an initiatory shock – to reach our full potential

rather.. we need to get rid of all the initiations we have institutionalized.. ie: school; work; adolescence; .. any supposed to‘s..

we wouldn’t need an inducing ordeals if we could let go enough.. ie: quit trying to control our 5 yr old curiosities..

now.. however.. we may need to ‘induce’.. provide.. for a temporal detox.. to wake us back up to that 5 yr old.. ie: self-talk as detox

one function of initiation , according to (john chilton) pierce, is to connect mind and heart..

we do that by focusing on maté basic needs.. and.. not separating them in the first place.. ie: a nother way book


pierce: ‘a poignant and passionate idealism arise in early puberty..followed by an equally passionate expectation in the mid teens that ‘something tremendous is supposed to happen’..

i’m thinking that’s just what we’ve gathered from watching whales in sea world.. and then insisting that patterned behavior is natural.. we have no idea.. what we’d be capable of if we let go of the institutions (of school; work; adolescence; .. any supposed to‘s.. ) and trusted people.. all ages.. all people.. to do the dance.. ie: meadows undisturbed ecosystem

when society thwarts our innate drive to find meaning/transcendence thru inner experience, the deepest, most sensitive parts of ourselves go numb

exactly.. and that happens at age 5.. or earlier.. and so we really have no idea what we’re like (ie: i don’t believe there’s an adolescence.. or a need for initiations.. et al)

we’re all tangled/twisted from small iterations of trauma.. to the parents/grandparents/et-al.. children/grandchildren/et-al..  begs we focus on the deepest (meaning affecting all of us) elements of trauma.. ie: 2 needs

w no access to transcendent states, people are trapped by constant cravings, seeking empty gratifications..

i’m thinking.. either.. 1\transcendent states are a symptom.. a means to escape or 2\ transcendent states come directly from facil ing maté basic needs.. just 2.. let’s focus on that

hari rat park law


the beats

remind me of crazywise film

they explored psychedelics and other ways to reach what the poet arthur rimbaud called a ‘systematic derangement of the senses’

maté not yet scrambled law.. begs we not hash it out of us (scramble it) in the first place..

the goal of the beats was to break free of received *ideas and stale conventions.. they wanted to recover originality, **spontaneity, mystical truth..

*yes.. the whales in sea world..  .. any supposed to‘s

fromm spontaneous law

they believe everyone could access their innate brilliance, once they *liberatethemselves from social conventions

*indeed.. but only if it’s all of us..  the dance needs all of us..

let’s do this firstfree art-ists.

for (blank)’s sake

a nother way


(on lsd/psych-substances).. they were deconditioning agents.. they made me aware that our civilization was an artifice, a consensual hallucination, and that our world could be constructed differently. .. also.. closed eye hallucinations.. incredible geom patterns..  demo’d existence of archetypal dimensions.. jung et al

as i researched.. i learned about ritual use of ayahuasca in s american  and w africa

gabor maté

michael pollan


these experiences convinced me that consciousness is not ultimately brainbased but a fundamental property of the universe..


now we need to reboot and install a new system software.. a new social design could, eventually, give every human being the opp to flourish and thrive.. a great mission that will require a truly rational, empathic application of our tech and creative powers..

equity: everyone getting a go everyday.. as it could be..

what we require is a new social design to liberate humanity from its prison

indeed.. rat park..  et al..

wilde: a map of world that does not include utopia is not worth even glancing at.. progress is the realization of utopias’

revolution: instigating utopia everyday



i seek to bring together the archaic and the postmodern..

eagle and condor ness


individual cells in our bodies do not hoard wealth/energy.. but store it in deposits of fat that are freely available to the cellular community as a whole. cells contribute their efforts to the collective body w/o seeking more for themselves.. w/o any competition, cells a well as organs work w max efficiency for the success of the whole

undisturbed ecosystem.. us as one

part 2 – hard limits

3 – earth changes


use techs to emancipate humanity..

yeah.. let’s do that.. in the city.. as the day.not part\ial.. for (blank)’s sake


the best thing we can do its seize this chance to leverage a mass awakening

indeed.. ie: short bp


i believe that the only way we can engineer a rapid turnaround is to *repurpose the mass media and communications infra the capitalist system has bequeathed to us.. because human beings are extremely adaptive, this transformation could happen surprisingly quickly.. it requires first, an **imaginative leap..

indeed.. ie: *2 convos.. to address 2 needs..   and **leap like/via this: facilitate the chaos/detox of 7 bn free/alive people.. tech as it could be..


we must find ways to *overcome distractions.. such a movement can only be effective if we posses a **clear idea of the positive outcome we seek as well as the ***methods we must apply to attain it..

*gupta roadblock law.. for irrelevances/distractions et al.. to get to **eudaimoniative surplus.. via ***2 convos

the only thing that will inspire people to act, i believe, is a compelling and beautiful vision of the future – a future they want to see for their children and grandchildren..

soul/world peace.. undisturbed ecosystem.. aka: eudaimoniative surplus..

this has happened in the past, during wartime (ie: marshal plan; restructure after peal harbor.. 3 yr ban on auto sales et al), but never during peacetime and never on a planetary scale. what will it take to bring this about? that, dear reader, is a crucial question..

a simple plan


admittedly, we face what seems a socially impossible task. although there is nothing stopping us, physically, from making the sudden changes in species-wide patterns of behavoiur necessary to avert cataclysm. it seem inconceivable – culturally, politically and financially – that we will do so. yet we must…


the inconvenient truth is that overpopulation is not our major problem..

indeed..  begs we get to a problem deep enough for 7bn people to resonate with .. today..  if we want all hands on deck.. now.. in sync..


the interesting thing about social behaviour is that it is extremely contagious. people tend to do wha their peers do.. and they can switch their beliefs and habits quickly, even immediately, when the reward structure changes around them. malcolm gladwell called this the tipping point.


the maverick scientist rupert sheldrake proposes a more sophisticated mode, based on something he calls *morphic resonance or the hundredth monkey principle..  his idea is that when a certain small percentage of a species learns a new skill that ability becomes easier to transfer to others and **can even transfer instantly w/o direct contact, thru some unknown mech, perhaps quantum nonlocality.. pattern of thought and action may ***create new field of resonant potential that can become species-wide traits


*100th monkey

**let’s use short bp as small % to transfer.. rather .. to leap

or perhaps.. just ***uncover what was already on each heart..


when you or i make a change in our behaviour, this *affects and impacts upon the people around us directly and then the people around them, adding up to many more people. according t the morphic resonance theory, it may not be as difficult to effect large scale change as we tend to think it is – particularly now, when we are so **tightly linked together thru networks.. behaviour can change in a millisecond

*graeber model law.. w/in **pi degrees ness.. (not to mention again.. the vision is already w/in and craved by each one of us.. so.. begs no prep..  et al)

i’ve seen ie’s of this at burning man.. if being friendly, thoughtful and caring suddenly increases your status, gets you laid, brings you better drugs and makes you popular, .. gain community acceptance and love.. then that is what you will do..

i think we can go deeper.. that a reward system.. i think if we’re each doing our art.. the thing we can’t not do.. that is much more sustainable not to mention thriving.. than going off how others react.. and.. not to mention.. if we are all free to do our thing.. why would we spend it reacting/rewarding/judging others.. i don’t think we would..

to me.. seeking rewards as a means to make change happen.. is a huge compromise.. as in.. we’re just bringing the cancer in with us..

interestingly, most of the changes we now need to make as a species so that we can ll survive and prosper and our descendants can thrive would actually be beneficial for everyone, following an initial, awkward, admittedly uncomfortable period of adjustment. today, for ie, many people live alone in *small apartments, separated from their families and close friends. bringing people together again to live communally in multi gen compounds – as our tribal ancestor did – would be a powerful way to reduce consumption and waste.. it would also make people happier, healthier and calmer

indeed.. it’s not the small that’s bad though.. and not the apts.. that could be a great model of.. living communally ie: rp ness

given a new *incentive, life could become much better, not worse, people would have to **learn to trust and care for each other once again

or actually.. *no incentive..  and.. we could easily **learn from listening to our hearts.. and maybe taking in 5 yr old ness


people may realize that living w friends/family, in beautiful communities close to nature, where life is as self sufficient and sustainable as possible, w minimal electronic interference, would be the ultimate lifestyle.. and it is one we can attain..

affluence w/o abundance ness

one essential point.. is that all the changes in lifestyle/behaviour we need collectively .. will make the world kinder, gentler, happier, more cooperative, more loving..  living altruistically and cooperatively is closer to our basic nature .. than our current state of alienation and competition..  it is after all what we did for many thousands of years, as nomadic tribal people. now we hae to realize humanity as one unified tribe..

indeed..  thurman interconnectedness law.. et al

notice.. all the solutions proposed.. imply ..

to act, ironically, as we’ve often wished we could, if we had the time or inner motivation to try..

the luxury of whatever law ness


if people understood what was coming.. we would be applying our intelligence differently.. young people would pursue careers in ecosystem management, permaculture, wetland restoration.. the **best and brightest would be learning how to share and conserve resources, how to org local communities to max resilience, practices of active nonviolence and so on

see.. i think yeah.. that’s a result (pursuing careers – which see as poison).. of *people understanding what’s coming.. like you said earlier.. we need to be living in the moment.. the spontaneous moment.. in order to be our true selves.. and trust that to be enough.. for our true selves… to 1\ take care of everything  2\ not create all the problems (you’ve just addressed) in the first place

and remember.. no competition.. there is no *best and brightest.. it has to be all of us.. the one ness dance..

a major problem is our culture’s entrenched ideal of individualism. this is something we must supersede, even though it is hard to imagine how to do so..  in reality, our independence as individuals depends on our interdependence.. we should devise system in alignment w nature’s’ principles, that help us realize it

holmgren indigenous law.. undisturbed ecosystem

declaration of interdependence..

part 3 – regenerative solutions

4 – energy

solar energy, .. the energy of 7bn alive people



bill mckibben: ‘cheap oil is not a useful part of our economy.. it is our economy’..


john michael greer: oil provides 40% of all energy used by human beings on earth..


the average morsel of food in the us travels over 1500 miles


currently solar energy supplies only about 1% of electricity globally..


rifkin thinks we can get to zero margin



mason thinks we are approaching potential fora post capitalist civ.. where ubi ness gives everyone the means to live decently..  ‘freedom from work’..


as bucky predicted.. seem to be on a seesaw teetering between polar opposites


while solar energy and other renewables could fulfill all sorts of needs, they are not effective for certain purposes, ie: air travel.. one idea is algae for biofuel..(91)


the essential takeaway is that we have a realistic capacity to make a complete overhaul if our global energy system away from fossil fuels towards renewables.. we can accomplish in a few decades..

imagine if people are truly free.. not creating a bunch of that in the first place.. happy w enough.. et al.. then not even a decade..


this daunting task can be accomplished.. this will require a global movement of civil society, beyond anything we have seen to date. how such a movement developes – ow it organized itself to overcome the existing power relationships – is a question that i dont’ think anyone can answer fully at this point

let’s try this man: a nother way

5 – farming


how do we remove co2 from the atmosphere in large quantities..? (problem isn’t carbon.. it’s the imbalance).. more of us need to start growing our own food..

helena norbert hodge.. local futures institute: a lot of trade today is redundant.. w goods ‘sourced from thousands of miles away when an identical product is available next door’



growth of organic sector is problematic.. .. divide between haves and have nots

commercial agri is one of main contributors to climate change

agri surplus


returning to older, more human scaled systems will require a great deal of retraining but it can be done. we have the tool we need for it – a planetary nervous system, in the internet, that allows for immediate transmission of new ideas and tradition techniques.. .. as a basic principle of the new planetary culture, we will reconnect people to their local ecosystems..

2 convos .. in the city.. as the day.. 


permaculture.. developed by bill mollison and david holmgren in lat 70s.. the name stands for permanent agriculture..

david – permaculture – holmgren indigenous law


a global campaign could educate and inspire people to change their behavior for future generations.. .. we can change our approach to agri by subsidizing farmers..

or.. we could just do this first.. and trust us.. indigenous us (if we’re truly free)

6 – industry


what we now call ‘poverty’ is essentially a result of modern industrial civilization and colonialism..

poverty ness.. civilization.. colonialism (stamped from beginning)

because it is based on debt and inherently unstable, our econ system must grow constantly just to maintain itself..


we must change the underlying rules of the game..

if we conceive of humanity as a planetary super org, then we must consider how the organs of ta body work w max efficiency to support the health of the whole..

bag orgs/corps/whatever.. let’s just focus on 7bn people.. everyday.. let’s listen to and facil that

ie: undisturbed ecosystem.. via 2 convos.. as infra

we are trapped.. in world of monopolies.. bs jobs..

bs jobs

the potential , mason believes, is for ‘the abolition of the market and its replacement by postcapitalism’ if this is going to happen w/o massive dislocation/violence… it requires a designed transition..

try this: short bp


new social infra for goods/services

have/need ness via 2 convos.. as infra


the possibility of a society where tech would free humanity to cultivate its create powers and individuality was foreseen by visionaries like oscar wilde and buckminster fuller..

3 ships.. wilde and fuller

as it could be..


if this seems impossible to achieve, perhaps that is because we are only not turning our focus in this direction .. many things that once seemed impossible have been accomplished by human willpower and imagination



we need to become not just smarter, but wiser

actually.. just freer.. all the wisdom we need is already in us.. if we’re free/quiet enough to hear/see/be it.. ie: meadows undisturbed ecosystem


personally, i dont’ think we can make effective changes until we understand how ‘subjectivity’ – the inner domain of human consciousness – is not something freely determined.. consciousness, id, subjectivity are mass produced by the corp industrial mega machines..  those who are designer and media makers must be willing to intercede in their process and produce new ‘subjectivities’ shaping new patterns of behaviour and new values for the multitudes..

nah.. you’re describing whales in sea world.. we just need a mech to set all people (truly) free..

the only way i can envision the type of systemic change of values, beliefs and habits that we need in a short timeframe is thru the creation of a global marketing campaign couple w  as buck mister fuller foresaw, a ‘design revolution’.. a massive media blitz can give people new vision of the good the true and the beautiful.. we have to make conservation, degrowth, post capitalism, self sufficiency, sharing resource,s food growing , generosity and the virtue of necessity glamorous and fun..

nah again.. what we need is a large enough ecosystem to model a nother way to live.. aka: to model the freedom of an undisturbed ecosystem.. you can call that modeling a campaign if you like.. but i’d just call it an experimental model..

the key to this model is that

1\ it would be centered on a problem deep enough for 7bn people to resonate with (and so stick with) today..

2\ it would be facilitated by a mech simple enough for 7bn people to access/use.. today.. ie: no prep/training..

3\ it would take place in an ecosystem open enough to fractal ize 7bn people.. so that 7bn people could leap to it..


w/in a century, we could have rebuilt eco cities and redesign industries for future generations to live in harmony and in holistic communion w the planet

w/in a year.. we could eudaimoniative surplus.. aka: undisturbed ecosystem..

from the energy of 7bn alive people


my vision is that we resolve the antithesis between indigenous cultures that were small scale n dearth honouring and postmodern civilization, .. in a new creative synthesis..

eagle and condor ness.. yeah .. ginorm small ness.. zoom dance ness

part 4 – god, love and revolution

7 – mythology


everybody wants a better life.. if they are shown a way to get there, they will take it..t

model a nother way: 3 shipsshort bpshortshort bit


in fact we are going to need a number of miraculous conversions and reversals..

imagine 7bn.. today


the kogi and aruak mamas via wade davis: what has ultimate value i snot what is measured and seen but what exists in the many realms of meaning and connections that lie beneath the tangible realities of the world, linking all things


see w heart


increasingly, the elites in our society drink ayahuasca and explore other aspects of indigenous spiritual traditions. but we have not integrated the humility and reverence for the creative forces of nature that we find in cultures like that of the kogi. we have not yet understood that life itself is the prayer and the ceremony..

and.. we’ve not yet grokked.. that it has to be all of us..


if we were able to be ‘vaccinated’ against ageing.. the vast majority of people would want that opp… i often feel lie is shorter than it needs to be, and barely gives us time to explore a fraction of our potential..

a better means to a better life is not adding years.. but getting rid of all the distractions/irrelevant s.. ie: school, workmoneymeasure.. imagine if you were ‘allowed‘ to continue being a free/curious spirit at age 5.. 2.. whatever.. and imagine if you were raised by parents that had the same.. freedom..  we’d live eudaimoniative surplus (aka:undisturbed ecosystem)..

we have enough time.. we’re just not using/being it as we could be….

before humanity can make the jump to a new condition of being, we must address the ecological and social catastrophes we have unleashed on our earth.

i don’t think we do.. if the mech is right.. i think we just leap.. and that.. (the energy of 7bn alive people) .. will take care of any messes.. and most of all.. quit making/perpetuating them..

we must take care of all of our brothers and sisters who have been consigned to lives of squalor and *ignorance, making a commitment to **lift them up as equals and love them..

whoa whoa.. there can’t be any up and down ness.. but if there were.. *we need those oppressed to lift us us .. with their *wisdom

again.. not about highers/lowers.. we are all interconnected.. which is why .. in order to get us all back in the sync of an undisturbed ecosystem.. we need to leap..  for (blank)’s sake


some indigenous cultures talk about this age as the time when humanity ‘dreams the world awake’..  the gap between thought and manifestation is shrinking

page intention/action law

8 – love


humanity can realize love and solidarity – universal, unconditional  as the basis for healing out world

indeed.. love.. like trust (or are they the same..?).. it has to be unconditional


i remember from my early years, my adolescence, how the cultural ambience around sexuality had a dark, shameful feeling. there was no sense that boys and girls – or men and women – might seek to collab for each other’s sensual pleasure. that we might enjoy takin care of each other  – that we could learn to be generous, compassionate, w each other.. eroticism was not part of our ed. it was not something to be explored or studied, even as an afterthought – certainly not w the same kind of analytic rigour we brought to maths or physics, even though sex would be infinitely more important to our future lives than these academic subjects..

marriage ing

our civilization applies tremendous reserves of intellect and capital to construct killer drones, virtual reality devices, surveillance systems – instruments of death, alienation and fear…. yet we believe that love and sexuality are not worthy of our conscious attention.. we act as if they are outside the realm of logic, forethought and social design


we lack for cultural traditions that would help young people to embrace their sexuality as something wonderful, as a great gift they can explore and share responsibly..  sexuality is considered a private matter, relegated to dark places like nightclubs and bars, which hae an underworld ambience..


in sex at dawn, there is an explanation for why women make louder sounds during intercourse than men. these noises had a function in our earl hominid days: the female was calling out to other males in the area to have sex w her in succession. in this way, the child’s paternity would remain unknown. also, sperm competition would occur in the uterus. the female orgasm also has a reproductive purpose, as the contractions of orgasm pull the sperm deeper into the womb.. the male who elicited the most powerful orgasm would be the one most likely to fertilize her egg..


my anthropological observation is that people – young people above all – waste an unbelievable amount of their life energy in the quest for sexual satiation.. this energy that people expend in the incessant pursuit of sexual fulfilment is exactly the energy that we, the human community, need to redirect, channelling it towards our awakening..  to enact social change..


hollywood and the media idealize the nuclear family, which is the basic economic unit of our society.. when individuals merge into couples, and particularly when these couples have children, they tend to direct all their energy and resources towards themeselves.. they lose interest – if they ever had any – in helping the collective. instead, they seek to amass resources, playing the competitive capitalist game

not even that.. just the bureaucracy that surrounds the institutions (of marriage, parenting,..).. keeps us from doing/thinking/being much else..

to maintain their relationship, many people find themselves forced to lie about or suppress their true desires..

going back to original point.. that many never learned about them in healthy environments.. in the first place..


i don’t think it is an accident that so many creative artists and geniuses have been fascinated w eroticism and sexual love, pursing the muse as she expresses herself in many embodied forms.. erotic love is a kind of fuel thar makes people feel alive and inspired..

when people find themselves forced to lie to or deceive the person closest to hem – their partner – about their desires, they are conditioned to accept corruption and hypocrisy in society at large..  they can accept the half truths of politicians and pundits because they are compromised themselves..  we fail to care for the world as a consequence of our inauthenticity..

wilde not us law


duhm in terra nova: the concrete utopia is a latent reality w/in the universe.. just as the butterfly is a reality latent w/i the caterpillar. it lies in the structure of our physical and biological world in our genes and in our deeper ethical orientation.. w/in context of committed peace work, it is not the fixing of individual defects w/in existing structure that is required.. what is required is a fundamental system change..

indeed..  one that simply uncovers that latency.. (returns the turtle shell)


from what i’ve seen, tamera, the community founded by duhm and his cohorts, is the most advanced effort to work out the implication of our situation and construct a viable alt..

tamera (and dieter)

we need a new approach to community and, ultimately, a new social design that is holistic, and comprehensive and secure. a truly liberated society must support longterm care of children. it must take care of old people. ‘free love’ it turns out, requires a great deal of discipline

or just listening..


in tamera they say ‘jealousy is to love as asthma is to breathing’ ..

duhm, lichtenfels and their partners founded the community nearly 40 yrs ago in s germany and then moved their project to portugal 20 yrs ago..  on 330 acres..


it has expanded, slowly, to its present population of 170 people, the majority of them germans and n europeans.. the older women are a major force in the community

the tamerans see a link between how a community treats its water and how it handles love.. they believe both water and love need vessels of containment, along w opps to flow and expaned..  they believe .. love’s natural tendency is to expand and flow.. that the monogamy model is an artificial constraint

well.. it certainly has to be coerced.. in an artificial environment.. (ie: science of people et al) .. we don’t really know what our natural tendency might be.. if we were truly free our entire lives.. all of us..

just thinking that the backlash against monogamy is that you aren’t with the right person.. and maybe if we were free from the get go.. eudaimoniatively free.. we’d have a better chance at 7bn people finding their soulmate.. if soulmates exist..

one of the social techs tamera developed is called forum.. ever day,, groups of 30-40 people .. take turns speak about or act out relationships and experiences.. .. tamerans give feedback.. goal is honesty

i’m thinking everyday.. groups of 7 ish.. (ie: infra) – and no need to speak.. just being in a space.. for attachment (missing piece #2)..


tamera conceives of sexual satisfaction as more than the individual’s problem. they consider it a community responsibility.. they have a house on their land which is called the temple of love..  train to become priests and priestesses.. make selves available for other members of community who desire connection..


when we envision the transition to a post capitalist, post work society, we must have a plan in mind for *redirecting the productive and creative energies of humanity as a whole. **i think this ideal for a liberated eros provides the basis for it.. if we can create communities that allow people to have ***deep partnerships rooted in truth along w other lovers if they desire, we would no longer feel cheated by a world that seems to deny our deepest desire and yearning.s..

*energy/chaos will be facilitated via 2 convos..  rat park style

**for basis rather (and esp if our desire is to hasten this revolution..for (blank)’s sake).. let’s focus on just 2 needs.. via maté basic needs.. (authenticity and attachment).. am thinking then everything else will take care of itself.. ie: meadows undisturbed ecosystem..

you’re right.. erotic love is a big issue.. but so is climate.. neither however.. are deep enough to get to the root of our healing.. and if we make non-roots into basics.. they become a distraction..

***for truly deep partnerships – because each person is authentically themselves.. ie: eudaimoniative surplus


rather than taking incremental steps, we may make a rapid evoluionaly rleap from our curren tsuicide system to on tha thoonours life an destablishes a foudnation of secure love and trust between the genders..

indeed.. not part\ial.. for (blank)’s sake

9 – rebellion


(after saying grew up in watergate knowing he wasn’t part of the system) we id’d as bohemians, marginal outsiders.. we focused on art.. the suicides kurt cobain and david foster wallace seemed to sum up gen x’s ambience of hopelessness.. i know feel contemp art/culture are a bit problematic..  dissident viewpoint.. often serve to legitimize the prevailing system..



if we apply our cunning and creativity effectively, it is quite possible we can transform this system peacefully from w/in..

indeed.. a quiet revolution.. key: make it for everyone.. about something everyone (has to deep enough to resonate w be everyone.. today) already craves.. (a&a).. via gershenfeld sel

although i consider contemp art world a nightmare.. black hole of ego and pretension that sucks huge amount of excess capital/intellect.. i believe art has a crucial role to play in our future..

i’m thinking we’re all art ists.. so begs.. we do this firstfree art-ists.


to define a political philosophy for myself.. i undertook a brainstraining.. : arendt; lenin; marx; trotsky; mao; rousseau; machiavelli; negri; zizek; bookchin; freer; kropotkin; mckibben; speth..

arendt.. marx.. negri.. bookchin.. mckibben.. speth..


for david graeber occupy was the local expression of a  ‘wave of resistance sweeping the planet.. the plan, he writes in the democracy project.. was to create the model fora ‘genuine direct democracy’..  .. *anyone who turned up could immediately participate


*imagine 7bn participating everyday.. in their own rooms

when i toured the bustling park, i was amazed by the quality of people’s discussions, and the passion everyone expressed. it felt surreal – as if all the convos i had been holding inside my head w long dead philosophers were suddenly being performed


everyone who attended the nightly gen assemblies had the same opp to debate, discuss and contribute to decision that impacted on the movement as a whole

i didn’t see that.. i saw masses .. repeating what the few who got to the front were saying.. am i wrong..?

occupy movement

not bashing occupy.. just saying we can and we need to do better than that forum.. as it could be..  ie: 2 convos.. as infra


reports by matt taibbi.. chris hedges



anarchy tends to be misunderstood.. anarchy is actually the most direct and egalitarian form of democracy, based on building consensus w/o coercion, recognizing the autonomy of everyone involved..  what’s interesting is that our new communications tools could facil such a system in a way that was never possible before

exactly.. sans consensus.. et al.. let’s try that.. as it could be.. because (can you hear me now..?)



gandhi: ‘*reps will become unnecessary if the national life become so perfect as to be self controlled. it will then be a state of enlightened anarchy in which each person will become his own ruler’

rep ness

the ideal state then would be one that no longer exists.. i find this an exiting prospect

the commonly held belief is that we need govt and the state to prevent terror and chaos.. do we really know this is to be the case any more

if it ever was.. it was because of the disturbances to the ecosystem.. not because we needed govt/state

ie: meadows undisturbed ecosystem

totaly do able today..


*i don’t think we can simply dissolve the govts we have now, as that would create chaos.

*not if what we offer is something everyone.. even those in govt.. would rather have/be..

but is it possible that we might engineer a peaceful step by step transition from govts controlled by wealthy elites where participation is limited to a p2p system..

i think (as you said earlier) increment ness is killing us.. we need the sync of a 7bn leap..  if you’re wanting steps.. call this..steps: short bp

our networks of communication could be used to orchestrate a worldwide campaign of education. as we teach the people of the world about what’s happening ecologically, we will also train them in participatory democracy, as well as ecological restoration..

oh my.. teaching won’t work man.. ie: graeber model law..  if it did.. we wouldn’t be in this mess..  and .. we don’t have the time to waste.. and people don’t have it to offer (to take in this teaching) .. we need a means to 1\ free people up in sync .. that then 2\ doesn’t require prep/training..  and that 3\ addresses needs people already crave (not everyone is dying to know about ecology/democracy/et-al) ..  ie: 2 convos.. as infra

10 – revolution


we need some kind of revolution, but it can’t be anything like the revolutions we have seen in the past..  we need one, to quote dieter duhm again, ‘whose victory will create no losers because it will achieve a state that benefits all

.. we must also make it a peaceful revolution

a nother way


according to arendt.. human being shave an innate political ability which modern society – empire – actively suppresses


when ‘the people in the sections were made only to listen to party speeches and to obey’ arendt wrote ‘they simply ceased to show up’


we need to understand what is at stake and wha tis possible – even at teh furthest edges of possibilities..  if we don’t have a plan..

as it could be..


bucky.. passed thru his own initiation as a young man, contemplating suicide at the age of 32, after the death of a beloved child. he decided that, rather than kill himself, he would dedicate his life to accomplishing the greatest good for humanity.. working together to elevate everyone on earth to a high standard of living

100% of humanity


he proposed giving everyone on earth who didn’t already have a mission a ‘research grant for life’ in whatever subject interest them..

yes.. graeber min/max al.. but we can do better.. ie: what if people change their mind..everyday.. let’s just listen to and facil that..

oscar wilde.. freeing up people to develop their unique individuality.. wilde say ‘cultivate leisure’ no work .. as the ultimate purpose of human existence


leisure.. whatever law via gershenfeld sel


venus project.. popularized by peter joseph’s zeitgeist documentaries



in multitude.. negri and hardt explore how a global revolution might become a universal phenom.. and happen quickly

hardt and negri –  multitude.. – assembly too


people have been *programmed.. but they can also be **deprogrammed, and this can happen quickly..

*manufacturing consent.. voluntary compliance  .. et al

**detox.. baked into 2 convos.. ie: self-talk as data


according to the multitude, revolution follow a pattern of ‘resistance, exodus, the emptying out of the enemy’s power, and the multitude’s construction of a new society’.. in the past this sequence took many years or even decades.. but because our new social tools allow for instantaneous global communication and coord.. negri and hardt believe that ‘insurrection activity is no longer divided into such stages but develop simultaneously’ i find this crucial insight

rather.. graber’s rev in reverse.. rev of everyday life..

our immediate mission is to be ready w working peaceful sustainblalts that can be scaled up when the time is right

how soon is now.. how about now..?

part 5 – post capitalims: property, money and power

sounds like assembly – property; money; power

11 – possession trance


rousseau believed the origin of civilization was private property.. ‘the first man who, having enclosed a piece of ground, bethought himself of saying ‘this is mine’ and found people simple enough to believe him, was the real founder of civil society’.. ineq didn’t exist for man in what rousseau called ‘the state of nature’ .. in nomadic aboriginal societies

property.. affluence w/o abundance .. et al

rousseau believe this innovation led, eventually, to a state of collective suffering. in a society based on property rights, people find their positions insecure.. t..  they are forced to compete against each other – undermine/attack each other – to gain or protect their wealth..

property.. rights.. begs gershenfeld sel as security

if we think about it, we can see that private property – a mental construct we protect by laws an d police forces – has made our world an unfree world..

these fences and walls also live w/in us..

siddiqi border law

it is possible that our world will always remain unjust and unfree until we end the system that protects private ownership, above all other rights

indeed.. and.. rather.. until we end the system that assumes any rights


eventually we will supersede property rights thru new cooperative arrangements..

or. .. again rather.. thru disengaging from the need to arrange..

3 of my fav social thinkers – marx, wilde and fuller ..agree w rousseau that private property is at the root of our society’s sickness..  marx: we confused the abstract ‘sense of having’ w a real sense

marx, wilde, fuller

to have or to be..

marx reasoned, if humanity abolished private property and collectivized resources.. people would be free to live in the present again.. they would open their senses to the world around them

wilde: by consuming a man w what he possesses, it has led individualism entirely astray.. it has made gain not growth its aim.. so man thought the important thing was to have and did not know that the important thing is to be.. the true perfection of man lies not in what man has but in what man is’

to have or to be.. wilde not us law.. property


property (and the rents or interest collected from it) divides the world into two classes of people: haves and have nots

when somebody becomes wealth.. a huge amount of their intellect and energy gets channelled into protecting their wealth .. perhaps they originally want to create things that helped and improved the human condition. w personal success, however, their focus inexorably shifts to protecting their own assets and family’s interest against everyone else..

wilde: ‘when private property is abolished there will be no necessity for crime, no demand for it; it will cease to exist’

cure violence

the enormous waste generated by the capitalist system is caused, at the root, by the individual’s thirst to attain person wealth – the only way to be secure in such a system..

zin energy law

let’s try no property and gershenfeld sel

roots or healing


fuller: ‘possession is becoming progressively burdensome and wasteful and therefore obsolete’

masses of people, particularly younger people, are starting to realize this now..

we must first realize as marx and wilde did – that our civilization made a mistake in prioritizing having over being..  we don’t yet know what might happen to us once we correct that error..

we have no idea.. (black science of people law).. i’m going with eudaimoniative surplus.. aka: undisturbed ecosystem


wilde proposed a transition to a system in wich humanity was liberated from drudgery thru automation and freed from the burden of property by socialism. he admitted he was offering an idealistic utopian programme – but he did not think it was unattainable, even so..

wilde unpractical law:

wilde: ‘it is unpractical, and it goes against human nature. this is why it is worth carrying out, and that is why one proposed it. for what is a practical scheme? a practical scheme is either a scheme that is already in existence, or a scheme that could be carried out under existing conditions, but it is exactly the existing conditions that one objects to; and any scheme that could accept these conditions is wrong and foolish. the conditions will be done away with, and human nature will change..’

the alt.. is to engineer a peaceful transition of global civilization, superseding the current system of private property and hoarded capital by developing new infrastructures that convert property into cooperatively owned resources or trusts, over time.. w/in a few decades or at most a few generations, it should be possible to engineer a global conversion – a planetary reboot of our social operating system

or a year ish.. if we go deeper.. not just about private property.. and certainly not about transferring it to coop owned ness.. (ownership is killer as well.. anything that measures/assigns.. tit for tat ness)


one ie of how to abolish private property.. usufruct: right to use as long as they do not damage it.. this is how people in many traditional societies sill live today.. ie: ladakh..

helena.. ladakh

another ie.. urban community garden

our goal should be to develop a programme which, over time, dissolves the concept of ownership entirely

indeed.. and perhaps.. baked in at the beginning.. ie: short bp.. is easier than over time.. ie: 10 day care centers ness

peopel would need to know their *basic needs are fulfilled..

huge.. we need to know what they are first.. aka: a&a.. which changes/focuses everything.. via 2 convos.. as infra

ubi, would not have to prove their worthiness, or work to survive

indeed.. nothing to prove.. no more working to solve other people’s problems.. but again.. ubi as temp placebo.. if even..

rooted in a shared sense of security and social trust

best security: gershenfeld sel.. social trust: assume good


i think we need seriously to consider how we can make a peaceful transition to a propertyless society.. such a social infra could take over many functions now managed by govts

why..? so much of that is data that never really needed to be collected… and so we have inspectors of inspectors et al.. too much.. aka: B and b

let’s just focus on 2 convos.. as infra

this might take decades or even generations.. but we first have to recognize it as our goal

rather.. recognize 2 basic needs as goal.. for a problem deep enough for 7bn to crave today (ie: from above ladakh people wouldn’t crave non property as goal..) we have to get at heart/root.. and that would be beyond exponential.. take a year ish

have/need ness will become natural (again) on its own

12 – the money problem


fullerton believes our greatest challenge ‘is to address the root cause of our systemic crisis’

roots of healing


can we resolve the systemic problems.. or do we need to transition to a diff economic system, consisting of new instruments for *exchangin value, which support social equality and ecological health?

we need to disengage from thinking we have to exchange.. things/value

marsh exchange law et al


we must somehow use the mass media an dsocial media to provke a mass awakineing..

2 convos


rushkoff.. need to change money as os

rushkoff os law


i don’t see how reforms will be enoug. weah twe need, instead, is sto launch a new operatoingsysmte..

to replace the single monolithic currency, we require a combo of diverse instrumetns for exchanging vlaue.. thee would include communty currencies, negative interest curriends.. time banks..

i thought you were all about unpracticality.. something not yet done.. let go of money/measure.. try that

i don’t see how reforms will be enough. what we need, instead, is to launch a new os

indeed.. 2 convos.. as os


vitalik buterin.. calles these new enterprises, dao’s..  based on self executing contracts, define by mathematical rules..

vitalik, dao

13 – power and leadership


beatles.. john and yoko.. they tok out b&w billboards proclaiming ‘war is over, if you want it’.. this didn’t have to be a long drawn out process.. it could happen in one sudden leap of collective will and imagination..

john, yoko, imagine.. et al.. discrimination as equity..  lennon imagine law

what are we waiting for..?

let’s not wait..


most don’t even realize that much of what they believe to be true is just a programme that has indoctrinated them..

manufactured to consent.. or volunteered for compliance.. ie: been in school 12 + or – years..most of us.. not us

now we need people to be educated, flexible, adaptive and active in remaking our world..

well.. not really.. we just need people to wake up.. and listen to their heart.. each one already had all they need.. if they’re free enough to be quiet enough


ortega believed that most people needed to be given goals to believe in and strive towards

rather.. people just need to be quiet/free enough to listen to their own daily curiosity/whimsy.. ie: langer outcome law.. that’s the way to get to get us to a sustainable antifragility

ortega: ‘the majority of men have no opinions and these have to be pumped into them from outside, like lubricants into machinery’

rather.. wilde not-us law: ‘most people are other people, their thoughts are other people’s opinions.. their lives a mimicry.. their passions a quote..’

ortega thought it was the role of teh elite to est a civlization’s goals an dshape its opinions. the alt was chaos..

although it has been 80 yrs since he wrote his idiosyncratic masterpiece, i still agree w many of ortega’s ideas..  the mass of people are followers… most people simply want to be shown a path to a good and meaningful life..

not naturally.. we morph to that started around age 5.. when curiosity et al is sucked out of us


we can use our virtual infra an crop techniques to scale some of these practices (tribal) for a global civilization of over 7 bn people

eagle and condor ness

our culture is also good at spreading all kinds of distractions and deceptions tha tkeep peopel from acting effectively, or courageously

ie: school; workmoneymeasure; goals; validation; democracy; decision making; consensus; … et al.. begs gupta roadblock law.. to weed out the irrelevants


i tend to believe that, once we change our focus as a species, we will be able to access the latent powers of the psyche to bring about rapid planetary transformation..

indeed.. let’s focus on listening to all the voices.. as it could be.. w 2 convos.. as infra


in many cases the elder women.. had the power to remove the chief if he abused his position..

for all seeming abuses.. have you heard of this: your own song.. imagine how that would play out


to realize the still latent potential of our digital communications networks..  new techs would train people to make effective decisions together, based on consensus methods as well as ongoing referendums

i see that as a distraction.. let’s try this: to realize latent potential of digi communications networks..  techs would listen to the daily curiosities of 7bn people.. and facil that.. ie: 2 convos.. as infra.. imagine that..

pia mancini: ‘if internet is the new printing press, then what is democracy for the internet era?.. what institutions do we want to build for the 21st cent’..

pia.. internet to connect us via curiosity.. allowing us to disengage from decision makingconsensus,.. et al

loomio currently being used by podemos

loomio .. podemos..


we can use existing legal structure.. such as the international court of justice..

more distractions.. we need to design rat park for people.. ie: undisturbed ecosystem.. and trust that..

epilogue – conclusion and action plan

conclusion – what do we do now


when i shared aspects of this vision with people over the last decade, the most common question is ‘what can i do/’.. somewhat ironically, i have found this a difficult question to answer..

mostly because this begs a leap.. and the set up is simple.. so .. no one can do it till we all do..

and we’ve experimented enough.. so.. ethically.. because we are in our current situation.. and it’s difficult to make it  .. ie: to straddle both worlds.. the best anyone can do is practice being quiet enough.. so they are ready to hear/be the leap.. trust that it’s coming..

i believe we need systemic overview.. w/o this, i don’t think people can make good decision about what to do in the time just ahead..

so.. the systemic overview is that we focus on a&a (or rather.. curiosity.. to a person as the day).. the deepest needs .. resonating to each and every 7b some human beings..  for global systemic change


but the main problem is that the scale of the planetary crisis si so enormous that individual actions can seem kind of meaningless – until we figure out how to weave them into a unified global movement..

indeed.. the movement begs global sync.. (that fortunately is already in each one of us)


considering we are racing against an ecological emergency that could bring aobu humanity’s extinction, we need to be able to move quickly w/o obstrution from outmoded instituions and broken ideologies

yeah.. the eco stuff.. but also the fact that millions are dying needlessly daily..

so let’s do it.. and not part\ial.. for (blank)’s sake

as i have suggested, this will require profound shifts in how we exchange value..

distraction man.. ie: marsh exchange law et al

make a placard of this: gupta roadblock law.. let it sink in.. it’s huge (vinay seems to have lost it himself).. it can save a lot of time/energy

irrelvant quote vinay

we have to accept – i realize it sounds a bit creepy – that people’s worldview, their ‘subjectivity’ is manufacture by the media.. the same tools of media and adverstising .. can be repurposed.. transformed into intsruments for liberation..

that’s why the design/mech/means for change begs a detox embed.. and it’s focus is to listen to daily curiosities.. and facilitate that.. as it could be.. because: can you hear me now..?


a change of global consciousness will be accomplished quickly when we can enrol the mass media, social media, and social networks and other social tools in accelerating this transition..

rather.. we need to free .. everyone.. from all of that.. and just focus on this.. as the day: 3 ships

people can be deprogrammed form their consumer trance, their cynicism. they can be given a new set of values, ideals, and habits..

no.. we can’t give people values/ideals.. if we want this revolution/transformation to be legit.. we just have to give people time and space w nothing to prove.. and listen to.. and trust.. that..


imagine if fb – reaching a bn people per day – decided to broadcast the urgency of the ecological crisis.. here’s what you can do

we already get that barrage of ‘to do’s’.. no..? it hasn’t worked..  we need to go deeper.. it has to start from w/in each person.. everyday..

fb money/coders/et-al.. could help with the next experiment.. but no one can broadcast loud enough a ‘here’s what you should do’.. unless 1\ the to do list is this: be you.. and unless 2\ you first free up 7bn to do that as the day.. [aka: not part\ial.. for (blank)’s sake…]

i started the evolver social movement page.. which currently has 2 mn followers.. if we were able to launch a campaign to boycott a co like ..

distraction.. gupta roadblock law..

currently we have no way of reaching out to all of them..

that’s the wrong problem.. rather .. we need a way to listen to 7bn people.. today.. everyday.. right where they are at.. (assuming we’ve freed them first).. as it could be..

all the latest info on climate change, species extinction, ocean acidification .. could be presented and updated in real time.. fb could build an infra for people to start local community groups, including tools for voting together online..

distraction.. gupta roadblock law..

rather 2 convos.. as infra


we have tools and techs to bring about a rapid, even sudden evolution of human society in all of the ways i have previously discussed.. but our political econ ‘os’ is obstructing our ability to move as swiftly as we must

short bp man

individually, people are highly susceptible to peer pressure; collectively, the multitude has a powerful herd instinct.. we need to leverage what we know of human psychology

i believe we have that all wrong.. that’s how we act in a disturbed ecosystem.. (aka: whales in sea world)..  part/most of our problem is that we have become reactors..  when what we need most.. is the energy of 7bn alive people

we must find a way to engage people, ever deeper, in an ongoing process of transformation.. t

exactly.. and that has to come from w/in .. everyday.. anew.. ie: self-talk as data

moveon.. transition town.. 12 step.. burning man.. zeitgeist..

transition towns.. burning man.. zeitgeist


on evolver.. we created monthly themes which the diff local organizers could explore as they chose..

offerings (aka: spinach or rock ness) won’t cut it.. we need to go for global/individual cure ios city.. let’s try that os..

the blockchain offers us the potential to creat organization define by ‘smart contract’

blockchain (or holochain or whatever).. offers us the potential to host life bits  (from self-talk as data)

smart contracts are distraction.. gupta roadblock law..

pope francis: care for our common home

oikos ness


bring about the next threshold of human liberation

let’s do this firstfree art-ists.

for (blank)’s sake

a nother way

only capitalism and human greed stand in the way.. t

rather.. what stands in the way is that there is currently no alternative for 7bn people to access.. today..

we need to model:  a nother way..  that is deep/simple/open enough for 7bn people to leap to .. today..


people need a vision of the future that is so inspiring they find the will and desire to sacrifice to attain it

that would be: something 7bn people are already craving in the souls.. and they don’t need to sacrifice (we can’t afford that.. we need everyone on board from the get go) .. we also need to set  e v e r y o n e  free first..

wilde: ‘cultivated leisure’ – i think this remains a valid goal for us.. and is now an attainable one.. t

indeed.. eudaimoniative surplus.. from everyone being free enough to do whatever they want


new forms of community, integrating care for children and elders..

well.. all of us.. ie: in the city.. as the day

outer reaches of inner space

zoom dance ness

we could transform the world once again, if we discovered a new form of energy, w diff properties..t

ie: the energy of 7bn alive people


seem to tell same story over and over.. films like matrix, star wars, harry potter, x men, avatar, the heroes must be initiated, *trained at a kind of school, to master their psychic powers.. these stories could be more than fantasy.. they may foreshadow what’s ahead..

*distraction.. gupta roadblock law..

i believe the future.. has to be for all of us.. which begs.. no prep/training.. it’s about what is already in each one of us


as it could be..

2 convos.. as infra

ie: hlb via 2 convos that io dance.. as the day..[aka: not part\ial.. for (blank)’s sake…]..  a nother way

undisturbed ecosystem


gershenfeld sel

why leap