let’s do this first

[7b is meant to reps the entire planet]

perhaps Tim Berners-Lee geeked out when he realized a way to ground the chaos of perhaps David Weinberger‘s too big to know ness. perhaps he should have. www ness is huge. berners-lee everyone law et al

perhaps why we haven’t yet gotten to equity.. over a decade later.. is less about the grounding ability and more about the which chaos. [i’m thinking a specific chaos matters now because of the shell-less quagmire we’ve gotten ourselves into from all the perpetuate\ing not us ness. perhaps in a more natural state.. everything is misc.]

perhaps the chaos we focus on grounding/facilitating first.. is 7 billion plus curiosities. everyday.

and.. perhaps this begs we deal-with/listen-to alive people. ie: people who are freed up/back to their innate/insatiable curiosities/imaginations/wonderings/wanderings/ponderings/whimsy.

and so.. perhaps..

let’s do this first: free art-ists.


we can ground chaos all day long but it will matter little if we’re coordinating/linking/hyperlinking/networking.. something that’s not us to begin with

humanity needs a leap.. to get back/to simultaneous spontaneity .. simultaneous fittingness.. everyone in sync..

– – –

ie: a nother way book; revolution of everyday life

global systemic change (p1 p2 p3)





original draft of slidedeck:

imagine a day.. where you could do whatever you want.

then imagine.. waking up the next day.. to do whatever you want.

imagine iterating on that.. for a week, a month, a year.

eventually.. you might find the thing(s) you can’t not do. you might find something that keeps you up at night, and bounces you out of bed every morning. you might find eu\daimon\ia: your fittingness, where who you are fits with what you do.

imagine a world where everyone has this luxury: time and space to figure out what matters most. everyday.

we might end up with 7 billion people doing exactly what needs to be done, to make the world a better place.

we might end up with 7 billion people doing what matters most, everyday, rather than what we’ve been doing, everyday.

what if all our problems can be solved, only, when all of us are free. what if the solutions/answers we’re really seeking, are already within each one of us. and we just need to let each one of us, be.

supposed to’s have had their day. let’s try something else.

perhaps what we need most is what we’ve been missing most: the untapped energy within each one of us.

zinn quote on people energy

the ongoingly boundless energy of 7 billion people, alive. eudaimonia\tive surplus.

enough with majoring in minors, with perfecting norms.




ebook of slide deck:




Jason‘s video on

Let us use technology to FREE OURSELVES


if we don’t free all artists/people first.. we will keep running into jet lag et al.. ness

Amsterdam > Toronto > SanFran > New York > Amsterdam > Jakarta > Singapore > Taipei #InfiniteJetlag


everyone in sync law

as if already free ness