mechanism simple enough

qr mechanism simple

perhaps what we need to do (first) is find/work-on a mechanism that is simple enough to be accessible/usable by 7 billion+ people. today.

mechanism as the actual modeling of another way to live.. begs to be simple enough to be seen/grokked, aka: modelable

You’ll never ever be able to convince a person through logical argument or even brilliant rhetoric that a free and just society is possible. You can show them. You can start doing it. .. It really has to do with your sense of horizons/possibilities.. and the only way you can do that is to do something that nobody thought was possible.  – David Graeber

ie: we learned to walk/talk through modeling

mechanism as tool/placebo used in modeling another way.. begs to be simple enough to be used/accessed, aka: convivial, user-friendly

not only does this other way need to be modeled/modelable.. in order to hasten its equity/spread, the tools (app/chip) used to facilitate (ground the chaos of) the (initial) modeling.. should be simple enough for anyone to use/access/remix.. ie: without a manual/course/training/purchase.. so anyone could be/become a modeler..

ie: model another way w/ app/chip

aka: the luxury to do something else

we’re missing tech as it could be

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