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[using this title and this page to gather people connected in different ways to addiction/violence – inspired by Gary’s cure violence..]


Gary Slutkin is founder and ceo of the actual foundation called – cure violence:

cure violence

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you can judge it – but that’s not what we do in science.. – Gary


2015 off to busy start. @CureViolence.program sites expanded internationally in 2014. @UICSPH



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Eliminate poverty and allow civility to emerge
policing is a dirty job but nobody’s gotta do it.. 6 ideas for a cop free world (including cure violence)
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“What if the resourcefulness…currently trapped behind bars could flood back into a nation that needs it?”- @baratunde

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the thing about unconditional
oct 2015 – talking/seeking viable solutions after oregon comm college shooting – Gary is interviewed:

We stopped seeing these as moralistic issues, and realized that there are invisible things going on, and suddenly we understood it.


From: How We All Miss the Point on School Shootings (may 2014)

They are distractions from what is right in front of you and me and the victims of tomorrow’s shooting: people who need help. And while we’re all fighting over whose pet cause is more right and more true and more noble, there’s likely another young man out there, maybe suicidally depressed, maybe paranoid and delusional, maybe a psychopath, and he’s researching guns and bombs and mapping out schools and recording videos and thinking every day about the anger and hate he feels for this world.

And no one is paying attention to him.


Neil Halloran (@neilhalloran) tweeted at 3:55 PM on Wed, Dec 21, 2016:
The numbers are so dramatic here. Can the answer (and mistake) re @CureViolence be this obvious?
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from Gabor Maté‘s when body says no


beyond their functions of digestion and absorption, the intestines are also one of the body’s major barriers to invasion.. whatever is in the gut is simply passing thru and still belongs to the external world.. only after penetrating the bowel lining do substances and organisms enter the body proper.. since this protective function of the gut tissue is critical to well-being, it is generously supplied with its own local immune system, one that works in coordination with the body’s general immune defences..

inflammation is an ingenious process invoked by the body to isolate and destroy hostile organisms or noxious particles.. to facil defensive function the lining.. of bowel is in a ‘state of perpetually controlled or orchestrated inflammation’ that is its normal state in healthy people..

the powerful destructive forces of the immune apparatus must be minutely regulated and kept in such a balance that they are able to carry out their policing duties w/o harming the delicate body tissues they are charged w defending..

cure violence

some substance promote inflammation; others inhibit it. if the balance is upset, disease can result..

a diminished capacity by the gut to mount an inflammatory response would invite life-threatening infections..  an inability to dampen inflammation exposes gut tissue to self-injury..


structural violence


Dr. Gary Slutkin (@GSlutkin) tweeted at 6:59 AM on Fri, Jan 12, 2018:
Research from University of California on cities  investing in @CureViolence.


Contagious confused humans doing more damage.

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Tackling trauma early can reduce violent crime

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Your startling assertion that we can cut violent crime by 50 per cent by tackling childhood trauma should be essential reading for anyone who cares about the scourge of youth violence in London. 

maté trauma law

we can do better..

maté basic needs law via 2 convos.. as infra


from Eric Klinenberg‘s palaces for the people


equally powerful, he said, is that there was no evidence that the violence has simply shifted to nearby places: the declines were real.. moreover, these reduction lasted from one to nearly four years, making the benefit far more sustainable than those in other crime reduction programs..

earlier had failed.. w’when i started at penn, we had been working hard to reduce gun crime in philly.. we had the *interrupters, the social workers, the community leaders. some of them were amazing and we had some successes. but they were always short lived. they lasted only as long as we could keep the people there in the hood..  we wanted a bigger impact and one that would continue after we left’ – branas

*cure violence


This violence like all violence is unnecessary and a sign of what?

Violence is an epidemic health issue and needs to be treated.

#Syria #Turkey #Kurds

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can only be truly treated outside of the realms of our blinding/numbing structural violence

let’s go there

ie: 2 convers as infra via tech as it could be..



cure violence

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