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Daniel is a co-founder of Evolver, a lifestyle community platform that publishes Reality Sandwich, an online magazine centered around spirituality, philosophy and activism.

also co-founder of center for planetary culture

intro’d to Daniel here:

Planetary Initiation‏: TEDxSanMigueldeAllende nov 2012

especially resonating..

Bucky as major linchpin..


art is the opposite of a zero sum game.. abundance.. ness


19 min – civilization… consists not in the multiplication but the deliberate and voluntary reduction of wants..  this alone promotes true happiness and truth and contentment. – Ghandi

enlightened anarchy:

enlightened anarchy


on reality sandwich:

Catch Daniel Pinchbeck’s hour long discussion on Red Ice Radio, an independent radio program. 

He joins them to discuss aspects of the new paradigm which will transform human society. He explains how we are leading into a reality we collectively co-create. 


In August 2013, Pinchbeck became the host of Mind Shift, a new talk show, filmed in New York City, produced by Gaiam TV.

From Daniel’s interview with Russell on mindshift:

what do you think is the means to a revolution..

everyone just needs to be nice..

the system requires us to be selfish.. when we leave that.. the system dies

oscar wilde‘s essay on socialism..

via Daniel – artists as engineers – to talk to the world about alternate routes than consumerism


oct 2014 w/Russell:

Can We Ditch Capitalism? Russell Brand The Trews (E170)

it’s so hard to envision another system

use tech to make the transition

buckminster vision in the 60’s – we have enough

10 min – decentralized autonomous communities… can we make that shift

tech for different kind of democracy exists.. but not the will – Russell


aug 2015 – on burning man


I think it would be truly amazing if we chose to make use of our deepest abilities to reverse the current direction of our society – to confront the ecological mega-crisis as a true initiation, and offer ourselves as vessels of this transformation.


I believe Burning Man represents an organic expression of something innate to human being-ness: We need initiatory experiences – centers where non-ordinary states of consciousness can be explored and, also, interpreted, with a shared context for understanding and integration.


At the same time, Burning Man has become another spectacle – another cultural phenomenon, in a sense, a cult – and one that sucks a huge amount of energy and time from people who could re-focus their talents and genius on what we must do to escape ecological collapse (building a resilient or regenerative society). The organization, itself, needs to undergo another level of self-analysis and transformation – much like the Catholic Church appears to be doing, under Pope Francis’ lead.

a nother way


douglas and daniel

@Medium @rushkoff any chance we can have another meeting with them with you, myself, and futurist Daniel Schmachtenberger proposing an alternative path toward a regenerative society as I discuss in https://t.co/fsbvThIAwq ?

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In August 2013, Pinchbeck became the host of Mind Shift, a new talk show, filmed in New York City, produced by Gaiam TV