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Daniel is a co-founder of Evolver, a lifestyle community platform that publishes Reality Sandwich, an online magazine centered around spirituality, philosophy and activism.

also co-founder of center for planetary culture

intro’d to Daniel here:

Planetary Initiation‏: TEDxSanMigueldeAllende nov 2012

especially resonating..

Bucky as major linchpin..


art is the opposite of a zero sum game.. abundance.. ness


19 min – civilization… consists not in the multiplication but the deliberate and voluntary reduction of wants..  this alone promotes true happiness and truth and contentment. – Ghandi

enlightened anarchy:

enlightened anarchy


on reality sandwich:

Catch Daniel Pinchbeck’s hour long discussion on Red Ice Radio, an independent radio program. 

He joins them to discuss aspects of the new paradigm which will transform human society. He explains how we are leading into a reality we collectively co-create. 


In August 2013, Pinchbeck became the host of Mind Shift, a new talk show, filmed in New York City, produced by Gaiam TV.

From Daniel’s interview with Russell on mindshift:

what do you think is the means to a revolution..

everyone just needs to be nice..

the system requires us to be selfish.. when we leave that.. the system dies

oscar wilde‘s essay on socialism..

via Daniel – artists as engineers – to talk to the world about alternate routes than consumerism


oct 2014 w/Russell:

Can We Ditch Capitalism? Russell Brand The Trews (E170)

it’s so hard to envision another system

use tech to make the transition

buckminster vision in the 60’s – we have enough

10 min – decentralized autonomous communities… can we make that shift

tech for different kind of democracy exists.. but not the will – Russell


aug 2015 – on burning man


I think it would be truly amazing if we chose to make use of our deepest abilities to reverse the current direction of our society – to confront the ecological mega-crisis as a true initiation, and offer ourselves as vessels of this transformation.


I believe Burning Man represents an organic expression of something innate to human being-ness: We need initiatory experiences – centers where non-ordinary states of consciousness can be explored and, also, interpreted, with a shared context for understanding and integration.


At the same time, Burning Man has become another spectacle – another cultural phenomenon, in a sense, a cult – and one that sucks a huge amount of energy and time from people who could re-focus their talents and genius on what we must do to escape ecological collapse (building a resilient or regenerative society). The organization, itself, needs to undergo another level of self-analysis and transformation – much like the Catholic Church appears to be doing, under Pope Francis’ lead.

a nother way


douglas and daniel

@Medium @rushkoff any chance we can have another meeting with them with you, myself, and futurist Daniel Schmachtenberger proposing an alternative path toward a regenerative society as I discuss in https://t.co/fsbvThIAwq ?

Original Tweet: https://twitter.com/DanielPinchbeck/status/1015354844293582849

how soon is now.. on hold at library – thanks library


Daniel Pinchbeck (@DanielPinchbeck) tweeted at 5:19 AM – 25 Jul 2018 :
Had a great conversation with Sterlin Lujan, communications director at https://t.co/gYowRTCv7r and a “relational anarchist” – listen in here: https://t.co/6Tn1OpXssx (http://twitter.com/DanielPinchbeck/status/1022078925382541313?s=17)

45 min – d: it’s hard to imagine how we could have a transition to decentralized system w/o a lot of misery/chaos

a nother way

46 min – s: first.. transition is a multi gen process.. i wouldn’t mind if happened overnight ..

48 min – s: designer governance – the shrinking down from nation states to communitarian environs.. based on voluntary opt in basis

51 min – d: libertarian is also very connected to idea of private property.. i look at societies that seem more successful than our own.. ie: indigenous communities who didn’t necessarily have the idea of private property..

property ness

52 min – s: i think the problem itself is not necessarily what it’s private property.. i think it’s with special privileges.. monopolies.. and licenses that govt provide property owners with.. so i think the real problem isn’t private property but rather state ism.. the idea that there has to be an authority figure.. that controls everybody in society.. i think on a fundamental level even communists/socialists believe that people have a right to have their personal property/possessions.. there’s no reason that can’t extend to houses..

hardt/negri property law

53 min – d: usufruct.. could have 3 houses.. cars.. so back into common pool

54 min – s: already have this in sharing econ.. ie: ridesharing.. i think there will also be room for private propety

that’s not sharing

55 min – s: the important thing about having private property .. it allows for the creation/generation of wealth and expansion of tech enterprise.. w/o ability to generate capital.. it’s difficult to move forward technologically

not in a commons.. it would happen even better.. ie: only for what we need.. rather than to sell

56 min – d: in maintaining private property.. just winding way back to feudalism.. so govts.. for protection..t

58 min – s: the ultimate problem that leads to all of these injustices is statism

59 min – d: some would say it’s private property itself..t

hardt/negri property law

1:00 s: i don’t think there’s a limit of size of property.. as long as land is worked/used.. and people own it economically


1:01 – d: so if i have my property and take care of it.. i get to keep it.. but for others who don’t have property.. what do they get

s: i think that’s what we call those emergency type situations..

rather.. normal today..

s: on refugees.. i see that as a problem of statism

1:02 – s: as long as relationships between people are voluntary.. then a perfectly moral situations..  the role of having property is so that we can solve disputes.. if we don’t have clear delineation of possessions.. that is what creates the chaos of primitive man

1:03 – d: i’m not even sure there was a chaos of primitive man.. i think that might be a projection of our modern worldview.. may have been subculture of indigenous that had no property and could solve disputes.. i think property creates haves and have nots..

1:04 – d: ideological baggage.. primitive people may have developed more complex relationships than us.. ie: modern civ only a few 1000 yrs old.. where nomadic/tribal maybe for 100 000 yrs more

s: all i’m talking about in barbarism of primitive man is this idea of authoritarianism.. that’s the real injustice

d: but isn’t that embedded in the concept of private property.. have to hire people to take care of land

1:05 – s: the only problem is when people are forced/coerced to work.. them coming to you and voluntary asking to work.. that’s not a coercive/aggressive relationship.. is it wrong for someone to come up and ask to mow your lawn and then you hire them.. if that is wrong then there are literally 100s of 1000s of people on a regular basis committing a crime/immoral act.. simply because they hired someone to work for them

we do commit crime/immoral acts on a regular basis.. work for pay is cancerous.. working on someone else’s problem is cancerous

1:06 – d: this *distinction between volunteerism and coercion is a very complex one.. people who don’t have means.. will have to do what they can to survive.. and that’s what we see throughout society.. that’s like the right wing argument.. ‘voluntary choosing to work at walmart.. market should decide price’.. while govt actually giving walmart a huge subsidy/welfare.. because walmart doesn’t pay enough to live.. so to me.. this division between volunteerism and coercion is a mental distinction that doesn’t really apply when you have people w needs  ..t

rather.. *one and the same.. ie: voluntary compliance (because none of us are currently free.. most likely starting w some form of property ness)

1:07 – s: not really a mental distinction.. it’s a very practical.. and straight forward principle for looking at human arrangement.. coercion means that you’re literally threatening somebody to abide by your will.. when somebody comes up to you and asks to move lawn.. or they ask you to.. and you agree.. that is a form of contractual arrangement right there..

dang man.. did you hear anything d just said..?

s: now the problem w walmart.. i agree w you 100% .. but these issues have cropped up again because of statism.. govt’s that have or give co’s/corp’s a monopoly that make people’s lives a living hell.. i worked at walmart for 10 yrs.. that was all voluntary

1:08 – d: well.. you wouldn’t have done it if you didn’t have to.. it might have been that or something worse.. ie: these are my best options in an unfair situation.. that’s exactly the same thing if you have large property holders in a stateless society

spinach or rock ness

s: true daniel but i don’t blame that on property .. i blame that on the way that society has fleshed itself out under authoritarian

back to daniel’s comment at 56 min – authority came to protect property rights

s: the reason these corps/cos are allowed to take advantage isn’t because they own property.. it’s because they vy for govt for ability to be nasty to people and not have any consequences.. if consequences.. people would go to other co’s.. and not serfdom/slavery.. so we have to mitigate govt involvement w business.. a problem of statism.. problem w property will iron itself out w good business.. strong competition.. businesses who are good to people..

? what? good to people who have to go to work for money.. because they have to pay for property ness..? so actually..  businesses who are good to slaves

1:10 – s: this is already happening in tech sector.. micro entreprenuerialship where people are able to work for themselves now..?.. we’re already moving out of this situation where people are having to do like the 9-5

like micro financing in developing co’s has worked so well..?

like all the taxi drivers and farmers committing suicide..?

bs jobs 

1:11 – s: i’m an ie of someone able to exit the system and move into crypto system.. w/o having to work 9-5

crypto is same system..

d: my deepest concern is it leaves behind so many people.. t

indeed.. has to be all of us


@ZeitgeistFilm Old times weren’t that great either. What we need is a new paradigm but it must integrate science and mysticism/religion. Have to overcome the sterile materialism as physics now supports monism or idealism, the ancient esoteric worldview.

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a nother way: ie: get back/to an undisturbed ecosystem


I just published From Pandemic to Post-Capitalism https://t.co/o3HNNDcYSD

Original Tweet: https://twitter.com/DanielPinchbeck/status/1245675891382013954

It is time to seriously investigate how we can make a peaceful transition to a cooperative society. If humanity chooses sharing and cooperation over control and competition, we can convert corporate and private assets to commonly held resources.

notes on article here:

daniel on peaceful leap


Daniel Pinchbeck (@DanielPinchbeck) tweeted at 2:37 AM on Mon, Jun 01, 2020:
I just published Riots, Revolution, and Initiation https://t.co/8SvUPm8iqg

4 min read (1/2 about trump – & on being similar to nazi dom)

This is the danger of a society that doesn’t recognize the value of initiation — of achieving transpersonal / transcendent states of consciousness as necessary for adult maturity, particularly among males. Without a path toward initiation, human beings, particularly men as they age, become increasingly frustrated and deadened inside. Often they find themselves trapped inside of their ego-ic structure with no possibility of release.

wow.. let go of the man thing.. and the initiation thing..

They innately yearn for some kind of release, some type of intensification or catharsis. For those who cannot find release through transcendence or initiation — through psychedelic experience or deep meditation — their frustrated energy may turn toward seeking cathartic release through violence and destruction. .. They are miserably trapped in their ego-ic structures because they lack initiation (access to transcendence). We must understand this if we want to find a way out of this mess… if there is a way. This is why they have to keep exacerbating, intensifying, crisis.


The question of what we do now is to first recognize this is the actual situation we are in, and then use the tools that we have to organize against it.. Nonviolent civil disobedience and noncompliance on a large-scale may be the best approach. Such an initiative needs to be organized as a “movement of movements.”.. t

perhaps what we need first is a means (as it could be) to undo our hierarchical listening

via a diff infra.. sans resisting/against-ing

Our tech creativity should be going 100% into building sustainable and regenerative systems that will allow our human family to survive this dangerous period, which means sequestering CO2 and reducing oceanic acidification. These must also include new mechanisms for trust-able collective sense-making and decision-making.. t This has been obvious for me for many years and I have made past efforts to establish such systems. I am always willing and able to make another attempt.

perhaps what we need more.. new mechs for listening to and facilitating 8b daily curiosities  ie: cure ios city

if only you could hear/see


Daniel Pinchbeck (@DanielPinchbeck) tweeted at 6:05 AM on Thu, Jun 04, 2020:
Please join us for Building Our Regenerative Future, a monthlong webinar envisioning a path beyond this global crisis… https://t.co/tvXlvgUdxL

Please join activist authors Daniel Pinchbeck and Rory Spowers, with special guest hosts and faculty, for this 8-part webinar journey, launching the operating system for our regenerative future. 

Building Our Regenerative Future  features lectures, live interviews with experts in the areas we investigate, optional workshop exercises, optional reading and watching lists, and guidelines for future study.

Price is €200 for the course, which includes an optional certificate for those willing to complete a written exam.


big red flag we’re doing it wrong.. if we think we have to pay.. to train.. to get certification .. for a revolution/reset

our hierarchical listening is killing us

let go guys.. there’s a nother way


june 2020 – convo w gregory landua (notes on g’s page)


Ever feel like you’re completely alone & most everyone around you, even those “friends” who profess to be supportive/in-line, are actually just self-serving system level narcissists, no matter what they do?

This is the subject of a new book I’m working on called

“On the Outside”

Original Tweet: https://twitter.com/ZeitgeistFilm/status/1280338515373330432

@ZeitgeistFilm Hi Peter, maybe it is a psychological issue you haven’t faced or worked through? I keep reaching out as a comrade who believes in your work and a fellow author and outsider / visionary. I see great potential for collaboration, but get little response.

Original Tweet: https://twitter.com/DanielPinchbeck/status/1280491753779363846

and i’m sure many feel same about you..

what we need a means to undo our hierarchical listening

ie: listening direct to 8b people.. everyday.. sans the need to read/write books et al


We are entering a new situation where  old beliefs and habits will no longer serve us. It does seem what is required is a metamorphosis or transmutation of consciousness. But what does that mean and how to bring it about? Is it even possible?
Original Tweet: https://twitter.com/DanielPinchbeck/status/1315964957016633349

ie: cure ios city


The Future Is More Fragile Than You Think, by @DanielPinchbeck https://t.co/gPyA4MhKDB
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links to article by daniel (18 min read – 2021):

the climate emergency is just another wealth-generating opportunity for those who create “disruptive,” gadget-y, techno-futuristic solutions.

need to go deep enough to get to the root

If a sensible alternative can be imagined and defined, perhaps it is possible to realize it..t

let’s org around legit needs.. ie: a nother way

The movement lacks for a realistic theory of change or any approach to collective transformation that is not irritatingly vague and self-congratulatory (A kind of “Ascension Lite”).. Still, the consciousness movement is a significant phenomenon

yeah.. part of it for sure.. but first need to legit free art\ists (aka: all the people)


Increasingly, what characterizes our time is ambiguity. In every area, it gets harder to discern true from fake, good from bad, Right from Left. Increasing complexity leads people to yearn for simple answers (Fascism). How do we learn to accept and handle ambiguity?
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by focusing on ie: curiosity over decision making.. via a means to undo our hierarchical listening to self/others/nature


daniel on crypto




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In August 2013, Pinchbeck became the host of Mind Shift, a new talk show, filmed in New York City, produced by Gaiam TV