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David Graeber (@davidgraeber) tweeted at 7:09 PM on Thu, Oct 12, 2017:
the violence of these abusive power relations destroys the soul & it ramifies, if affects almost everyone in ways we don’t even recognise

Irin Carmon (@irin) tweeted at 5:57 AM – 12 Oct 2017 :

I’ll be on @democracynow this morning discussing coverups and powerful men. (http://twitter.com/irin/status/918445523396329472?s=17)

Glenn Greenwald (@ggreenwald) tweeted at 5:57 AM – 12 Oct 2017 :

It is undeniably true that for-profit, corporate newsrooms are far more careful & scared when it comes to reporting on rich people/companies (http://twitter.com/ggreenwald/status/918445581529427969?s=17)

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Mike Parker I think it requires a concentrated expenditure of resources and energy to keep people frightened of one another. Recent science supports the view that we are more hardwired for altruism and collaboration than for selfishness. Perhaps that’s why kids are wise before indoctrination. If this is the case then a very good start would be to reduce the amount of money and energy spent on generating fear.

zinn energy law

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co’s w power (twitter).. people/situations oppressed/on-hold via lack of power (puerto rico)

Rosa A. Clemente (@rosaclemente) tweeted at 4:30 AM – 13 Oct 2017 :

Can’t with #WomenBoycottTwitter instead why not #WomenHelpPuertoRico,what a privilege to silence 1 of the forms of communication #PRontheMap (http://twitter.com/rosaclemente/status/918785933549424641?s=17)

incarceration‘s abuse of power

IG: @_MarlonPeterson (@_MarlonPeterson) tweeted at 4:48 AM – 13 Oct 2017 :

https://t.co/rn1QqmJCBL (http://twitter.com/_MarlonPeterson/status/918790596151730176?s=17)

Incarcerated women are fighting on the front lines of California’s wildfires for $1 an hour

unassumed prejudice/hoops as power.. (why idio jargon seems appropriate/fitting)

Doug Peterson (@dougpete) tweeted at 4:53 AM – 13 Oct 2017 :

Tim Cook doesn’t seem to understand that good programmers have to learn English https://t.co/2P7O1I1usq via @flipboard (http://twitter.com/dougpete/status/918791704949374976?s=17)



the power of love

no fear .. in love.. worldly power comes from fear

power of tower doc

new power